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Searching for an automatic water shut off valve that will give you peace of mind and shut off your water even during blackouts or power outrages? 

FlowSmart Control

  • Proactively protect your house from water damage
  • Even without wifi, the FlowSmart Control will continue to measure water usage and automatically shuts off the valve if you set a limit prior on the app 
  • Gain insights into your water usage with hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly water consumption reports 
  • LoRa-based long range (1/4 mile wireless
  • Requires a hub for full functionality 

For more sizes and options, visit our FlowSmart Collection

Smart Water System

YoLink Features

Longest Range 

Up to 1/4 mile open-air range is possible! Over 400% longer range than standard WiFi, Zigbee and Z-Wave protocols. 


Avoid the hassle and expense of wire installation, trenching, conduit and wire raceways, and electrician costs.

Low Power

In addition to vastly superior solid obstruction penetration (including steel and concrete), low power translates to longer battery life: from 2 to 10+ years!

Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT compatible

Most of YoLink products support third-party integration and are Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT compatible

No Wifi? No Power? No Problem!

Through our unique Device-To-Device patented pairing technology, when called by another device to respond, the device will perform its paired behavior even if the internet is down and the power is out!


This doesn't have to be expensive! Devices are fairly-priced; no subscriptions, no multi-year contracts are required.

Water Leak & Flood Sensors 

Looking for 3-packs, 10-packs, and water leak Starter Kits? 

Shop the Water Leak and Flood Sensors Collection 


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YoLink LoRa 1/4 Mile Long Range Smart Water Leak Sensor, EASY Installation, Alexa, IFTTT.  Hub Required - YoLink

Our most popular water leak sensor

Typically Placed: On the floor near water heaters, toilets, laundry machines, under sinks

IP68 Waterproof Rating

5 years Battery Life (Stand By)

Puck (Anti-Freeze)

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Water Leak Sensor 4

Our newest water leak sensor

Similar to Sensor 1 with added feature of low-temperature sensing; warns of cold temperatures before pipes can freeze, along with built-in siren

IP68 Waterproof Rating

Sound Level: 105dB 

5 years Battery Life (Stand By)

Looking for notification if its moved? Check out Water Leak Sensor 4 MoveAlert


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Water Leak Sensor 3

4 ft cable length

Typically placed: In washing machine water drain pipes (for clogs and back-ups), air conditioner condensate pans/trays or pipes, floor drains, sumps, etc. 

Water detection at a precise location or level

Built-in siren

5 years Battery Life (Stand By)


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Water Leak Sensor 2

5 ft cable length

Built-in siren

Typically placed: Ideal for detecting water in confined spaces, such as behind a refrigerator or under a dishwasher 

 For water level monitoring, see our water level monitoring sensor selection 

5 years Battery Life (Stand By)

Please note, if you're starting your first YoLink system, you’ll need a hub. YoLink devices do not connect to your WiFi or even directly connect to your network. Your YoLink devices communicate directly with your Hub, which is the only device that connects to your network, allowing devices to be functional even in the event of a blackout.

Water Leak Sensor Accessories 

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Accessory: Ruggedized Wall-Mount Bracket

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

High humidity levels can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Water or sewage seeping through walls can increase the room humidity levels, which can be detected by a temperature and humidity sensor.

Temperature and humidity sensors can be used to provide early-warning against freezing temperatures. Prevent water pipes from freezing when you monitor the temperature of at-risk locations. Whether in a region subject to freezing temperatures, winter storms and power outages, and/or properties not occupied year-round, such as rental properties, hunting cabins, etc, "freeze alert" sensors can be deployed to provide early-warning notification, so you can prevent damage and property loss. Visit the Environmental Line to shop and learn more. 

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Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Hub Required!
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X3 Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor
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Weatherproof Temperature Sensor w/Probe
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Weatherproof Temperature Sensor w/Probe 10-Pack
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X3 Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor
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X3 Outdoor Temperature Sensor

Water Depth and Level Sensors 

Both types of sensor can alert you or take device action upon low or high water level alerts, but the Water Depth sensor provides a depth of water display in the app, and the Water Level Monitoring Sensor can only be selected to alert on high or low water level.

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Water Level Monitoring Sensor w/Float Switch

Water Depth and Level Accessories 

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Accessory: Float Switch, 16-Foot Cord
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Accessory: Float Switch, 6-Foot Cord