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Hubs & Starter Kits

Start Here!
Hubs & Starter Kits

Welcome. You’ve found one of the smart home and smart building industry's most unique combination of innovative technology, longest wireless range, superior performance, longest battery life, ease-of-installation, economical pricing, and lowest cost of ownership! 

Summary: you can stop shopping around and start building your system here! Start with picking a hub, the cornerstone of YoLink devices, or jump straight to starter kits if you have an idea of the category you want already (smart water, temperature, garage, lighting, etc.) 

What are YoLink Hubs? 

The Hub is the only device that connects to your network and to the internet. For full functionality, including operation of the app and phone notifications, each device must wirelessly connect to one of our two hubs. The YoLink Hub works with Ethernet and/or WiFi, while the SpeakerHub is WiFi (2.4 GHz), only.

Please select at least one hub, either our original YoLink Hub or our SpeakerHub audio/talking hub. Many of our starter kits have hubs included. 


What’s the difference between the Hub and the SpeakerHub?

You only need one to function as a main hub. (They’re both compatible with each other though so you can mix-and-match.) 

The difference is firstly, the SpeakerHub has a speaker - hence the name. That makes it recommended if you want to use it for scenarios like in a smart garage solution, so it can verbally give you specific information about the status of your garage doors - for example, if your garage door is left open for too long you can have it play an attention-getting tone, then "garage door 2 is still open".  Secondly, the SpeakerHub works with WiFi, while the Hub works with Ethernet and/or WiFi.

Hubs Comparison

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YoLink Hub
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SpeakerHub - Hub with Speaker Plays Sounds and Your Text-to-Speech Custom Messages, LoRa-Powered ¼ Mile Range, WiFi Required - YoLink


The original YoLink Hub is an internet gateway for YoLink devices. YoLink devices don't connect to your network or even directly to the internet; they communicate to the cloud via the YoLink Hub. The Hub generates the YoLink wireless network, that offers up to 1/4 mile open air range. The YoLInk Hub connects to the internet via Ethernet or WiFi (2.4 GHz Only). 

The SpeakerHub can also be the internet gateway for YoLink devices but it's also been equipped with additional speaker and audio features so it may audibly alert and inform you with tones, sounds, and clear text-to-speech-based spoken messages. The SpeakerHub connects to the internet only via WiFi, not Ethernet (2.4 GHz Only). 

USB Micro Power

Ethernet Internet Connection

WiFi Internet Connection

Two-Way Encryption

Audible Tones/Sounds

Spoken Messages

Upload Custom MP3 Files

Is there a monthly subscription fee to pay with the hub? 

Nope! We have zero monthly subscription fees with using any of our hubs and YoLink devices, and our YoLink app is free to download and use.

If you are a commercial business, for schools, apartment managers, restaurants, etc., we do offer Raedius, which is our web console meant for business users specifically designed for large-scale, multiple buildings in mind. That is the only subscription service we offer, and you may contact us for details. 

How many devices can a Hub support?

Your YoLink Hub can easily support 200 devices, and there is no published maximum number of devices that can be added to one hub or one app! And also don't forget, you can also always add more Hubs (or SpeakerHubs).

If someone were to cut the internet cable outside of my house and the internet goes down, does the app send an alert that the sensors went offline? 

Yes it can; you need to first configure how you want to be notified (email, text, phone app push notification, critical alert on iOS phones) but you will receive a notification within 30 minutes of your hub going offline.

For more information on the hubs, visit the specific YoLink Hub page or the SpeakerHub page. 

Starter Kits

Your hub is going to be awfully lonely without any devices to talk to! Starter kits are, aptly, a great way to get started, with a hub and two or more devices, and priced to save you money. 

This selection includes our most popular starter kits, but not all of them. Visit the appropriate collection (smart water, temperature, garage, lighting, security, etc.) for additional starter kits. 

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Motion Sensor 2-Pack & Hub Starter Kit
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Door Sensor 2-Pack & Hub Starter Kit