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My name is Eric Vanzo, and I am our Customer Experience Manager. You have found one of the smart home and smart building industry's most unique combination of innovative technology, longest wireless range, superior performance (versus WiFi, etc.), longest battery life, ease-of-installation, economical pricing and lowest cost of ownership! (Summary: you can stop shopping around and start building your system here!) And this is not just another sales spiel! Just as you are starting with your YoLink system, I started with YoSmart as a customer before I became an employee! I was impressed by the quality, pleased with the pricing, ecstatic with the product performance and reliability, and just blown away by the excellent customer service!

I hope your experience with YoLink is as positive as mine! Give us a chance, and don't forget our 60 day return policy and two year warranty (some products, not manufactured by us, carry the original manufacturer's one year warranty, only). If our products weren't that good, we could not stand behind them like this. 

If you are not quite convinced already, explore our products and company on our Explore page and/or contact us. Otherwise, start the foundation of your system with one of our two hubs (one required for each system) or hub starter kits, below. 

If you have any questions, use the chat here, fill out the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page, or email us at

Thank you for interest in our products!

For full functionality, including operation of the app and phone notifications, each device must wirelessly connect to one of our two hubs. The Hub is the only device that connects to your network and to the internet. You can learn more about this technology on our Explore page.

Please select at least one hub, either our original YoLink Hub or our SpeakerHub audio/talking hub (suggested), or one of the starter kits. 

Please Note: both hubs require a full-time internet connection for full functionality of the system and app. The YoLink Hub works with Ethernet and/or WiFi, while the SpeakerHub is WiFi (2.4 GHz), only.

Your hub is going to be awfully lonely without any devices to talk to. Starter kits are, aptly, a great way to get started, with a hub and two or more devices, and priced to save you money. 

Still Need Some Help Getting Started?

Fill out this contact us form and we'll be in touch just as soon as possible!

If your matter is urgent, please call us at  949-825-5958. Please note our Irvine, California office hours: 9AM - 5PM Pacific, Monday through Friday. You are likely to experience extended waits as we attend to previous customer requests.