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Welcome to YoLink Smart Garage!

Now, everyone can enjoy the benefits of a smart garage door, without the smart garage door price! For just under $75, you can add smart, remote control to your garage door, with door position monitoring. And our door position sensors come with automatic alerts or reminders if your garage door is left open too long, because, haven't we all, at one time or another, forgot to close the garage door, leaving it open for theft and for intruders of all types (from burglars to racoons!). 

We made upgrading your vintage garage door to smart as easy as possible, with an option that requires NO tools and NO ladders! Use the System Builder section, below, to configure the smart garage approach that's right for you. 

If you are starting your first YoLink system, you will need a hub. YoLink devices do not connect to your WiFi or even directly connect to your network. Your YoLink devices communicate directly with your Hub, which is the only device that connects to your network. You have two Hubs to choose from, our original YoLink Hub or our new SpeakerHub. SpeakerHub is an audio hub, capable of playing custom tones/sounds and messages. Spoken messages, in clear text-to-speech-based phrases of your choice.

SpeakerHub is recommended for your smart garage solution, as it can audibly give you specific information about the status of your garage doors, for example, it can play an attention-getting tone, then "garage door 2 is still open" (if your garage door is left open too long). 

To learn more about the unique and advanced technology behind our products, please check out our Discover page. 

You can control your garage door controller with the Google and Alexa assistants, as well as with IFTTT and Home Assistant. You can also voice-command Alexa and Google to open/close your garage door! Learn more here

If you have question, need design assistance, or something else, please use our online chat service, fill out the support request form at the bottom of this page, or email us at

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Step 1: Select Your Hub

Select a hub in this step, or proceed to step 6 to select from one of our convenient starter kits, with everything you need for your smart garage project!

Choose either our original YoLink Hub, or our SpeakerHub. Customers love our new SpeakerHub, as it can play attention-getting sounds, like a siren sound, and verbally inform you of off-normal and alarm conditions.

Please see the Hub or SpeakerHub pages for additional info. 

Step 2: Select Your Garage Door Controller

We offer two styles of controllers. Our original Garage Door Controller 1 utilizes a relay connection to your garage door operator or to the wall button. This relay simply acts as a button equivalent. The actuator buttons ("wall buttons") used with garage door controllers for many years were just a simple momentary electrical switch, like a doorbell button. The Garage Door Controller 1 connects to your operator or button, in the same way that the wall button does. 

But some new models use a different method and require a proprietary or brand-specific button, and a standard relay or switch type connection will not work (or will not work without electrical modifications to the operator). Therefore, before selecting the Garage Door Controller 1, you should first confirm it is in the list of compatible models, or you should perform a test, as explained below. 

Our innovative Finger garage door controller, also referred to as the Garage Door Controller 2, utilizes a motorized finger actuator that depresses the wall button! This solution is nearly universally compatible with all garage door buttons and it also has the benefits of not requiring any wiring, and it does not require a ladder to install. Regarding universal compatibility, if your wall button is not in good working order, for example it requires a lot of pressure to activate, or if it works intermittently, the Finger may not be able to overcome these issues. In these cases, purchasing a replacement wall button is the way to resolve that problem. It is worth noting, the Finger can be arranged to depress a car visor-mount transmitter, as well, if mounted securely. Locating the Finger and visor transmitter elsewhere in the home may be an alternative to replacing the wall button, or if there is not room for the Finger on the wall at that location.

Placement and Installation:

The Finger garage door controller is typically mounted at the wall button. The included 3M brand mounting tape is used to secure the controller to the wall, with no screws or other mounting hardware. And, it is worth point out, no wiring is required!

The Garage Door Controller 1 can be installed at the wall button or at the garage door operator. At the operator is most convenient, as the GDC 1 does require power, and a little bit of wiring (wire and plug-in power supply included - more info below). When you install the GDC 1 at the operator, there is typically a 120V outlet for the included plug-in power supply, and you can also place the GDC 1 out of sight. It also comes with 3M-brand mounting tape. 

Additional information, installation and user guides, videos, and other helpful resources can be found on the individual product listing pages. For immediate assistance, use our online chat service or fill out the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page.

Step 3: Select Your Door Sensors

Of course you want to know if your garage doors are opened or closed, right? With our sensors and our app, you can be alerted to a door opening, to it closing, and even to it being left open too long! 

And we should not forget, garage doors are as much an entry point into your residence or business as the front door is. Secure your home or business when you secure your garage doors! (See our security products by clicking here). 

We offer three options for garage door monitoring:

1. Our Garage Door Sensor was designed specifically for garage doors. It was designed for the most popular, sectional, style doors. Folding, roll-up/coiling and sliding left/right, or swing gate or barn style doors will not work with this sensor. The Garage Door Sensor is the easiest sensor to install, utilizing 3M brand mounting tape, and with no wiring required. 

2. Our Outdoor Contact Sensor is typically the solution if the Garage Door Sensor is not appropriate for the door. The Outdoor Contact Sensor comes with a pair of wired door/window contacts. These contacts allow for monitoring openings that may be too far or not suitable for the GDS. Also, and something that makes the Outdoor Contact Sensor so versatile, is that these contacts can be removed, allowing for the sensor to be attached to other contacts or to a relay or switch, which is why we sometimes call it our Universal Contact Sensor. The Outdoor Contact Sensor, can, for example, work with existing wired door contacts. And, if the OCS can not work for your door either, there may be other options, like using 3rd-party contacts, like high-security armored and/or floor-mounted magnetic contacts (we can provide technical assistance for you, if needed!). 

3. Finally, our original Door Sensor may be an option, with some DIY work, like mounting plates or brackets may need to be fashioned, to use it for garage door applications. Please consult with us before attempting to use the Door Sensor on a garage door.

Placement and Installation:

The Garage Door Sensor is extremely easy to install. Remove the 3M mounting tape backing, and press the sensor to the top corner of your (standard, sectional) garage door. That's it! Did we mention that no wiring is required?

The Outdoor Contact Sensor also has 3M brand mounting tape, for an optionally no-tool installation, but a small screwdriver, and possibly a drill and drill bits may be required. And if you undertake the installation of high-security,  floor-mounted or track-mounted contacts, additional tools may be required. We have commercial security system experts on staff, so let us know if we can be of assistance! 

The Door Sensor, as mentioned, is not ideal for most garage doors. Consult with us for advice or installation guidance, as needed.

Step 4: Add Optional Control Devices

In addition to the normal ways you already open and close your garage doors, you will now have more options. You will be able to control your garage door from our app, and from Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and Home Assistant (if applicable to you). 

But if that is not for you, we do offer three tactile methods of controlling your doors. Our Remote can be Control-D2D paired to your garage doors, and it has a 500' range!  

Our AlarmFob and its sister device, the FlexFob offer control of your garage doors and so much more. The AlarmFob has pre-programmed security system buttons, like arm, disarm, and panic, but each button can have a second function, depending on your short or long press. The FlexFob is meant to be more of a blank slate for you and it can perform security functions as well as it can trigger an Alexa routine and IFTTT applets. Sound like Greek to you? Don't worry, we don't force you to get that fancy, if you don't want. But either fob can be used to control any of your YoLink devices, and even together at the same time. Would you like to lock the door and turn on some lights when you close the garage door, or unlock the door leading from the garage door to the house, and turn on lights as you open the door? Can-do! Gate control? For sure!  Of course, arming your security devices or disarming them automatically with your fob button press is super-easy. 

Our fobs go on a keychain ring easily. They also come with a two piece bracket that both together can be used to make a car visor clip for the fobs, and one bracket can be used as a wall-mount bracket. Convenient!


Step 5: Add Optional Notification Devices/Alarms

As mentioned, you can be notified of a door being left open too long or being opened at the wrong time. If you need something more audible or noticeable, you have some options. Our SpeakerHub, audio hub, can play tones/sounds (e.g. siren sound) and then tell you, in clear text-to-speech technology style exactly what is happening. Put one on your nightstand and be awoken if the door opens at 2 in the morning for no apparent reason. 

Or, if you want a more burglar alarm level, police-are-on-the-way response, we have one indoor and two outdoor siren options. 

Refer to the hub or starter kit sections to add a SpeakerHub to your solution, or choose from one or more of our sirens, here. 

Step 6: Starter Kits

Do you like doing things the easy way? We understand. While we spend all waking hours in the world of smart-this and smart-that, you probably just want to make your garage smart and get back to what you were doing before. So, choose from one of our convenient and economically-priced starter kits, with everything* you need to get started! 

*Per Step 1, you will need one hub for your system. If you select a kit without a hub, be sure to include a hub in your initial purchase. Any questions? Let us know via the Contact Us section at the bottom or by the online chat service.


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