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YoLink offers an expansive, and ever-growing array of smart wireless products, ideal for single- and multi-family, including gated communities, high-rise condominiums, and rental properties.

Property Management

Economical, DIY-install smart sensors, with no quantity or size restrictions, combined with our Raedius Web Console, allow you to manage multiple properties from a single, browser-based, portal.

Facilities Management

Long-range wireless sensors and services like Raedius Web Console allow you to integrate, monitor and manage your divergent building systems, while avoiding expenses associated with traditional wired systems. 

Food Service

YoLink sensors are especially well-suited to use in commercial fridges and freezers, thanks to our LoRa-based sensors, with superior object-penetration (including metal!) and range. 

Food Retail & Distribution

Food Retail & Dist.

YoLink temperature and humidity, liquid temperature and level sensors, are protecting food and beverages from the farm to the factory, to the distribution center, to the grocery store and convenience store (even to ice cream and home delivery trucks!).


YoLink sensors can be found in hotels, monitoring and managing temperature and humidity in hotel rooms and common areas. Pool and hot tub water temperature, sauna/steam room temperature, cooling tower air and water temperature, as well as door monitoring, are popular applications of our wireless products.


Raedius Web Console allows school administrators and safety/security staff to easily and economically add door monitoring and supplemental security systems to their facilities. Often with no wiring installation required, these systems can be deployed quickly, at a fraction of traditional wired systems. 



The large open spaces and lack of internet connectivity, combined with the critical need to monitor and manage water, temperature and humidity, and to add efficiency and labor savings via automation and smart products, makes the farm a perfect place for YoLink products! Smart Farm page


The management of valuable resources like fresh water, and maintaining adequate environments, are critical in commercial horticulture. Our Smart Water line of smart, extreme long-range wireless products can help your operation grow!

Product Lines & Services

Raedius Web Console

Manage any size application, with no limit to the number of devices, projects or sites! With the release of Raedius Web Control 2.0, the possibilities are unlimited! Learn more

Smart Water Solutions

Already offering a compelling solution for Smart Water Leak Protection Systems, with the addition of water metering and water depth monitoring sensors, YoLink now offers the most comprehensive and economical line of wireless water management products on the market! Learn more

Environment & Life Safety

LoRa-based smart, long-range wireless products for monitoring and managing humidity, as well as temperature of air, surface, water and other liquids. Measuring sensors, control relays and power switching products, and thermostats, as well as smoke and carbon monoxide detection, offer a comprehensive solution, economically.


Security / Intrusion Detection

YoLink has proven that securing yourself, your loved-ones, and your property does not have to be expensive, or difficult to install yourself. No subscriptions required, easy, fast and wireless do-it-yourself installation. Economical. That's Just Smart! Learn more

Power & Lighting

Power & Lighting

From single-family home to high-rise condo, YoLink has smart lighting and power products that can save you money and time, and add comfort, convenience, and safety to your life! Learn more

Smart Garage

YoLink is the only brand to offer a no-ladder, no-tool, no-wiring solution to make your existing garage door smart, with such a comprehensive product line of complimentary power and security products!  Learn more

New Product: EVO Valve Operator

Introducing, the EVO Line of Valve Operators & Motorized Valves

The EVO Valve Operator (shown): An innovative departure from traditional bolt-on ball valve operators, robots and valve manipulators. The EVO replaces your ball valve handle and attaches directly to the ball valve. This virtually eliminates issues experienced with larger, older, and/or stiffer valves, that "push/pull" mechanisms can struggle with. Economical, simple, no-plumber-required DIY installation, dependable smart water control. It's an EVOlution in smart water control, and an essential part of your water leak detection and automatic shut-off protection system!

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  • Smart Farm
  • Smart Fridge
  • Vibration Sensor

Smart Farm?  Well, of course! It was only a matter of time before people noticed the unique abilities of YoLink products, including our extreme long-range wireless (up to 1/4 mile, open-air), and device-to-device pairing, which allows for functionality even if internet is not available - all perfect for the lack of WiFi and internet connectivity, the expanses and acreage, and the remote buildings common to farms. Even "mini" farms, like the backyard chicken coop or beehive, (and let's not get started on how economical it is!) can benefit from YoLink products! 

New or Coming Soon!

  • Available Now
  • Uno Camera
  • Water Depth Sensor
  • Water Level Sensor
  • Smart Care Page
  • More

Recently released products:

Our first camera, aptly named the "Uno", will be here very soon! As you can see, I have one on my desk! We're just doing some final tweaks and refinements in the app. Stay tuned! And if you're not already subscribed to our emails - that's where most new product announcements go out - please do so by signing up here.

Eric Vanzo

Customer Experience Manager

The latest addition to our Smart Water Solutions line, the smart Water Depth Sensor measures actual water depth, up to 15 feet (soon to be expanded to 30 feet, with an optional cable). 

Available 2nd week of June.

This product is a member of the following product collections: SMART FARM      SMART WATER SOLUTIONS

Not to be confused with the Water Depth Sensor, the Water Level Monitoring Sensor is intended for smaller applications, and it (only) indicates a high or low water level (not the exact water depth or amount of water). It is intended for use in AC condensate pans, sump pits, aquariums, and water storage tanks, etc. 

Available now!

This product is a member of the following product collections: SMART FARM   SMART AQUARIUM   SMART SUMP PUMP   SMART WATER SOLUTIONS

New Smart Care / Elder Care page coming soon!

Water Flow Sensor

X3 Indoor/Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor

X3 Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Sensor w/Probe

Water Leak Sensor 4 (puck style with sounder)
Water Leak Sensor 5 (puck style with anti-tamper)

Next Gen Light Switch (to join the Dimmer Switch)

Smart Valve Operator
X3 Hub

Smart buttons (1 to 4 button small form factor)

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