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Smart Farm?  Well, of course! It was only a matter of time before people noticed the unique abilities of YoLink products, including our extreme long-range wireless (up to 1/4 mile, open-air), and device-to-device pairing, which allows for functionality even if internet is not available - all perfect for the lack of WiFi and internet connectivity, the expanses and acreage, and the remote buildings common to farms. Even "mini" farms, like the backyard chicken coop or beehive, (and let's not get started on how economical it is!) can benefit from YoLink products! 

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Recently released products:

Our first camera, aptly named the "Uno", will be here very soon! As you can see, I have one on my desk! We're just doing some final tweaks and refinements in the app. Stay tuned! And if you're not already subscribed to our emails - that's where most new product announcements go out - please do so by signing up here.

Eric Vanzo

Customer Experience Manager

The latest addition to our Smart Water Solutions line, the smart Water Depth Sensor measures actual water depth, up to 15 feet (soon to be expanded to 30 feet, with an optional cable). 

Available 2nd week of June.

This product is a member of the following product collections: SMART FARM      SMART WATER SOLUTIONS

Not to be confused with the Water Depth Sensor, the Water Level Monitoring Sensor is intended for smaller applications, and it (only) indicates a high or low water level (not the exact water depth or amount of water). It is intended for use in AC condensate pans, sump pits, aquariums, and water storage tanks, etc. 

Available 2nd week of June.

This product is a member of the following product collections: SMART FARM   SMART AQUARIUM   SMART SUMP PUMP   SMART WATER SOLUTIONS

Water Flow Sensor

X3 Indoor/Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor

X3 Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Sensor w/Probe

Water Leak Sensor 4 (puck style with sounder)
Water Leak Sensor 5 (puck style with anti-tamper)

Next Gen Light Switch (to join the Dimmer Switch)

Smart Valve Operator
X3 Hub

Smart buttons (1 to 4 button small form factor)

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