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Smart Sump Pump

The Smart Sump Pump collection offers our best product suggestions, to make your sump pump smart

Smart Sump Pump??

When was the last time you thought about your sump pump? Well, not you. Obviously, you are thinking about it, but most property owners do not. Unless, you've experienced a basement flood, particularly one that might have been prevented.

The YoLink Smart Sump Pump is about doing some (simple) things in advance, so that you will always be aware of the status of your sump pump area, and that you have taken steps to ensure the pump will work, when needed. 

Step 1: Select Your Hub (SpeakerHub or Original Hub)

Choose either our original YoLink Hub, or our SpeakerHub. Customers love our new SpeakerHub, as it can play attention-getting sounds, like a siren sound, and verbally inform you of off-normal and alert conditions, as the video demonstrated:  "Leak detected in basement!" Please see the Hub or SpeakerHub pages for additional info. 

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YoLink Hub - Internet Gateway for YoLink Devices - YoLink

Step 2: Select Your Supplemental Notification Alarms (Optional)


If there is an abnormal event, such as the detection of water, you will receive one or more notifications, consisting of but not limited to: phone app push notifications (pop-up banners on your phone), emails and text messages. If you are concerned about these notifications not reaching you, or being missed because you are asleep, you can add one or more of our siren products to your system. These attention-getting devices will make sure you are notified as soon as possible. 

Be sure to check out our Control-D2D feature, which allows for some system functionality even with the loss of WiFi, the internet, even the loss of AC power!  As we like to say:
  "No WiFi, No Internet, No Power? No Worries!"

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Siren Alarm, Indoor Siren, HUB REQUIRED
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Outdoor Alarm Controller 2 w/110dB Siren

Step 3: Select Your (Optional) Power Monitoring Devices


Your sump pump is of no use if it can not turn on when needed. Decrease this risk by monitoring AC power at the pump. You can also attach our Power Fail Alarm to the sump pump's power cord, in such a way that it can be detected if the sump pump is unplugged. Our Plug with Energy Monitoring can be used to track times that your sump pump was activated.

Step 4: Select Your (Optional) Pump-Running Sensor


The Vibration Sensor can be used to detect the operation of your sump pump. The most common method is to the affix or attach the sensor to the outlet pipe of your sump pump. If you have any questions about this application, please email Eric by using the link near the bottom of this page. 

Step 5: Select Your Input Sensor (For Alarms or Control Panels)


The most popular use of the Outdoor Contact Sensor is as a position sensor (using the included magnetic contacts), most commonly for outdoor environments, on gates and doors and lids of all kinds, where one of our (indoor) Door & Window Sensors would not be appropriate. But, if the contacts are removed, the OCS can be directly "wired" to a set of dry contacts on a relay or, in this case, an alarm panel or control panel (depending on your sump pump configuration). Once connected to an alarm controller or panel, the status of the panel or equipment can now be monitored from the YoLink app. If the control panel or equipment does not already have adequate connectivity (e.g. weak WiFi), letting your YoLink system, which is battery-powered and not reliant on WiFi, etcetera, supervise that system is smart. 

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Indoor/Outdoor Door/Gate Universal Dry-Contact Sensor, Hub REQUIRED - YoLink
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Door/Gate Monitoring Starter Kit: 2 Pack Universal Dry-Contact Indoor/Outdoor Contact Sensors, Hub Included - YoLink

Step 6: Select Your Water (Flood Detection) Sensors


Refer to the Smart Sump Pump video for a good overview of leak sensor placement. The Water Leak Sensor 1 is our most popular and best-selling model. While our Water Leak Sensor 2 is not waterproof, the Water Leak Sensor 1 is, which means it can be placed in more locations. The WLS1 has water-sensing electrodes on the top and bottom, meaning it can detect water as it drips on to the top of the sensor, as well as pooling up below it. The Water Leak Sensor 2 has a removable and extendable water-sensitive cable. This cable can be used to either reach a more confined space or multiple cables (add optional additional cables to the end) can be used to create a specific water-detecting region or area. 
As shown in the video, you may elect to encircle the sump pump with these cables. Or, you may suspend the cable into the sump pump. It is worth noting that our Water Leak Sensor 2 can be connected to a float switch (customer-furnished).

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YoLink LoRa 1/4 Mile Long Range Smart Water Leak Sensor, EASY Installation, Alexa, IFTTT.  Hub Required - YoLink
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YoLink 3-Pack Smart Water Leak Sensors, Alexa, IFTTT, LoRa 1/4 Mile Open Air Range, Hub Required - YoLink
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Water Leak Sensor 1, 10-Pack
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SpeakerHub & Two Water Leak Sensor 1 Starter Kit - YoLink
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Water Leak Sensor 2
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Smart Home Starter Kit: Hub, 4 Pack YoLink Smart Water Leak Sensor 2 - YoLink

Step 7: Select Your Optional Water Level Monitoring Water Sensors

You may find it easier to monitor the water level in the sump with a float switch. Our Water Level Monitoring Sensor w/float switch is an off-the-shelf solution, while the Bracket Accessory (that comes with a float switch) also might work for your application. Get a notification as soon as the water level gets too high. 

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YoLink LoRa 1/4 Mile Long Range Water Level Monitoring Sensor, Alexa and IFTTT. YoLink Hub Required - YoLink
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Water Sensor Probe
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Ruggedized Wall-Mount Bracket
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Water Level Monitoring Sensor w/Float Switch
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Float Switch Accessory, 6-Foot