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Water Leak Sensor 1 3-Pack

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YoLink 3-Pack Smart Water Leak Sensors, Alexa, IFTTT, LoRa 1/4 Mile Open Air Range, Hub Required - YoLink

DESCRIPTION: This item is a 3-pack of Water Leak Sensor 1 (model YS7903). Visit our Smart Water Solutions page, to learn more about other sensors and water solutions like our smart water valves. 

Our Water Leak Sensor 1 is a smart, wireless, "puck" type water detector, with water-sensing electrodes on the top and bottom, making it ideal for both dripping and pooling/flooding water. In addition to a 5+ year battery life, a unique feature of the sensor is its ability to be used repeatedly after getting wet, thanks to its IP67 waterproof rating. 

REQUIRED ITEMS: A YoLink hub with an internet connection is required for full functionality.  


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
William Franklin
Easy setup and nine out of nine work properly

I bought nine of these to put in different locations of my home where you might expect leak issues. This included behind toilets, under sinks, dishwasher, Washer, and refrigerator/ice maker and water heater. I had already purchased two YoLink water valve controllers and valve operators and hub. I connected these with the hub, then paired them with my main water valve controller. I tested them one by one and they all closed the main water valve via a command sent from the controller to the valve operator in less than 30 seconds. You can build a great system to control your water and protect your home from serious damage a few YoLink devices. I did a lot of research before going with YoLink and I'm very satisfied with the products.

Angela Close
Installation proved to be beyond me

I could not get the "hub" and the sensors to communicate with each other. I finally despaired and bought sensors (different brand) which simply make noise when wet and have no aspirations to be "smart".

Scott B

Easy set up and works well

Gregory Pond
Leak sensor

Not happy that you cannot replace the batteries when they run down.

Wesley Warren
Water leak detection

These give you peace of mind and last for years before having to replace the battery. Worth the money

Hand holding water leak detector 1 by YoLink.

set it & forget it!

The Water Leak Sensor 1 by YoLink 

Press the SET button to turn it on.

Scan the QR code with the app.

Name it and set your notification preferences.

Place it on the floor. Test it.


Plus, LoRa-based low-power wireless

can result in over 5 years between battery changes!

Suggested Locations

Popular locations to place your water leak detector 

Best Water Leak Detector for Range  

YoLink was the first to bring the advanced technology of LoRa® to the smart home market. Our water leak detectors offer the longest receiving range in the market of up to 1/4 mile range.

Superior Battery Life 

Save your time and money; while other leak detectors have a battery life lasting up to 1 or 2 years before they need to be replaced, YoLink’s low-power protocol allows for long range yet low-power smart water leak detectors, giving 5+ years of battery life!  

IP67 WaterProof Rating 

It may come as a surprise but many water leak detectors are not waterproof! The WLS1 is waterproof with a certified IP67 rating, which offers more protection than unrated or IP65/IP66-Rated products that are ‘water-resistant’. Our rating allows you peace of mind that you can reuse your sensor even if leaks happen. 

Compatible with Others

Be alerted with your smart home speaker at the first sign of a water alert! 

On vacation or not at home? You’ll still get instant notifications anywhere, anytime. 

Prevent leaks/flooding damage

Be informed immediately of off-normal environmental conditions, such as water from leaks or flooding, in your home and property, before expensive repairs are required

Wireless Water Leak Detector

Our water leak detectors are wireless, compact and easy to move, no 120V outlet or additional wiring required

Battery Powered & Portable

Uses standard alkaline batteries (2 AAA batteries); no Lithium or special batteries required

Smart Device

Smart Device Integrity Monitoring (S.D.I.M) means your smart device has 24/7 monitoring for communication and device health. Should your device fail to communicate or have a device health issue, you can be instantly notified (per your alarm strategy settings).  

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Semtech® LoRa® RF Module YL09 microcontroller with 32-Bit RISC processor

User Visual Indicators:

Multi-color Status LED

User Control Interface:

SET Button

Power (Battery):

(2) AAA alkaline non-rechargeable batteries



IP Rating:


Dimensions, Imperial (Length x Width x Depth):

2.4 x 2. 4 x .96 inches

Dimensions, Metric (Length x Width x Depth):

62 x 62 x 24.5 mm

Operating Temperature Range:

-4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)

Water Leak Sensor 1 (Model YS7903)

  • "Puck" type water detector
  • Floor-mounted, optimized for dripping water as well as pooling/flooding water, thanks to sensors on the top and bottom and a cupped section to gather water on the top
  • Battery-powered (Two AAA batteries installed)
  • Extreme low power
  • 5+ years between battery changes
  • Extreme long range wireless
  • Up to 1/4 open-air range
  • No dependence on WiFi (uses LoRa technology)
  • Device-to-device pairing. Pair to smart valves, sirens, etc. (works without internet and without power)

  • Alexa voice assistant integration
  • IFTTT integration
  • Home Assistant integration
  • IP67 Rated waterproof - can be used again even after it gets wets (unlike some competitor products)
  • Simple "Set It  & Forget It" installation
  • Status LED
  • No audible sounder (See the Water Leak Sensor 4)
  • See the Leak Sensor 2 for rope type water sensors
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty
  • See the product datasheet for full details


The following items are required for full device functionality:
YoLink Hub
or SpeakerHub 

Apple or Android phone or tablet  

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The Water Leak Sensor 1 carries a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. Review and download the full warranty terms: WARRANTY POLICY PAGE

No subscription fees. 
There is no published maximum number of devices that can be added to one hub or one app!
YoLink devices are inter-compatible with all YoLink hubs and vice versa.

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YoLink 3-Pack Smart Water Leak Sensors, Alexa, IFTTT, LoRa 1/4 Mile Open Air Range, Hub Required - YoLink