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Hubs: YoLink Hub & SpeakerHub

Each YoLink device connects to the internet via wireless connection to a YoLink hub. Choose from two hubs. Our original YoLink Hub, which connects to the internet via WiFi and/or Ethernet. Our SpeakerHub, an audio hub with a speaker, can play sounds, tones, and spoken words, and can even play your uploaded MP3 files. The SpeakerHub is a WiFi-only device. Both Hubs are compatible with 2.4 GHz WiFi only.  

Starter Kits (With Hubs)

Starter kits are packaged for your convenience and offer some savings versus purchasing the items individually. 

All Environmental Products

YoLink's line of environmental products allow you to control and/or monitor environmental conditions in your residence, business, property, RV, and boat, etc. 

Individual Environmental Products