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Dimmer Switch

Smart Dimmer Switch 

App Control 

Alexa, Google, IFTTT

Automation, Scheduling

Motion Sensor Integration


Dimmer Switch, YoLink Hub Required

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Dimmer Switch, YoLink Hub Required

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Smart dimmer light switch, single-pole, 100 to 250VAC, white, with matching Decora style trim plate. View and control from the YoLink app, on a schedule, via automation such as motion and door sensor activation, Alexa and Google Assistant automations and voice control, IFTTT, and Home Assistant, compatible with dimmable LED, incandescent, halogen and CFL/fluorescent bulbs/lights. 

Please note: a YoLink Hub or SpeakerHub is required (see below).


Compatible with Others

Dimmer Switch Alexa Compatibility


Dimmer Switch Google Compatibility


Dimmer Switch IFTTT Compatibility


Dimmer Switch Home Assistant Compatibility

Home Assistant 

Create Schedules, Scenes, and Automations 

Dim the lights and control the brightness from your phone with  adjustable automatic ramp up/down durations.

Set the Mood 

You can use the Scene or Automation feature and have your dimmable lights set automatically to your preferred levels, including turning some lights off, and others to low levels, perfect for a movie-night, romantic evening at home, or any time want to set the lighting mood!

Couple with mood lighting at dinner with dimmable lights
Door Opening and Lights Turning on with Smart Dimmer Switch.

Integrate with Sensors

Use the smart light switch along with our door sensors to automatically control lights upon opening or closing, adding convenience and safety. 

You can also use automations in the app to turn off your lights after a set duration, or team up your door sensors and motion sensors; turn on lights when you walk in and turn off lights, or dim them, when the room is empty. 

Voice Control

Use your voice assistant to control lighting with our smart light switch.

Remote App Control

Control your lighting from your phone anytime, anywhere. 

Home with lighting

Save on energy 

Create schedules to turn off your electrical appliances and devices when you're not home to lower unnecessary energy usage 

Sunrise/Sunset Scheduling 

Turn exterior lights on at sunrise, off at sunset 


  • U.S. standard “1-gang” size smart app-controlled single-pole light switch with dimmer functions, for 100 to 250VAC circuits
  • Decora/Decorator standard shape, fits in Decora/Decorator openings


  • White Decora style, with coordinating faceplate
  • Standard one-pole dimming switch
  • 450 watts maximum current (see full specs, below)
  • Compatible with dimmable LED, incandescent, halogen and CFL/fluorescent bulbs/lights
  • Neutral wire required
  • Multi-color status LED
  • Five dimming level LED indicators
  • Last dimming level memory
  • 1 to 100% adjustment in 1 percent increments
  • Remote app control and status
  • YoLink Control allows for your In-Wall Switch to be controlled directly by other YoLink devices, without an internet connection
  • Alexa and Google voice assistant, IFTTT integration, Home Assistant, and Raedius Web Console integration 
  • YoLink’s industry-leading long range communication (1/4 mile open-air)

Special Remarks:

  • A neutral wire is required!
  • The Dimmer Switch is NOT compatible with 3-way circuits, but two Dimmer Switches can be Control-D2D-paired (device-to-device pairing) to create a 3-way operation. The traveler wire is not used, and both switches require a neutral, hot, and ground wire (either or both switches can be connected to the light circuit). See the user guide for additional information and instructions.

  • Control of dimmable LED, incandescent, halogen and CFL/fluorescent bulbs/lights
  • Not intended for ceiling fan control
(1) Dimmer Switch, White
(1) Decora Style Faceplate (Outer and Inner Plates)
(4) "Wire-Nut" Wire Connectors
(2) Faceplate Screws, White
(2) Electrical Box Screws
(1) Quick Start Guide

Q:  Does the Dimmer Switch require a neutral wire?  A: Yes, it does require a neutral wire.

Q:  Will it work with 220V?  A:  Yes, it is designed for 100 to 250VAC operation.

Q:  Can there be a combination of light/bulb types?  A: Yes, you can mix & match dimmable halogen, incandescent, CFL, fluorescent, and LED lights and bulbs on the same circuit. See the specs for load limitations, varying depending on bulb type.

Q:  Does this work with LED strip lights?  A: Yes, you can dim low-voltage LED strip lights, if you use a dimmable power supply.

Q:  Is the switch compatible with 3-way circuits?  A: No, the switch is not compatible with 3-way switches or circuits, but two Dimmer Switches can be paired together to accomplish 3-way functionality. The traveler wire will need to be abandoned or converted as required to provide a hot, neutral, ground and at least one switch leg to the controlled light(s).

Q:  Can I get this in black?  A: Unfortunately the dimmer switch is only available in white at this time. 

Q:  Can I have multiple switches in the same electrical box?  A: It can be included in up to 4-gang boxes with other Dimmer Switches, there are no restrictions due to heat dissipation.

Q:  What are the LEDs for and can I adjust the light by small degrees?  A: The switch is adjustable in 1% increments. The LEDs indicate 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 percent light levels.

Q:  Some lights can ramp the brightness up or down slowly. Can this switch do that?  A: Yes, the app has adjustable automatic ramp up/down durations, and the switch has brightness memory.

  • YoLink Hub or SpeakerHub (audio, talking hub) with an internet connection (wired Ethernet or 2.4GHz Wi-Fi). Refer to the hub user guide for additional information
  • Smartphone or tablet running iOS 9 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher
For full functionality, including for the app to work, YoLink devices must connect to at least one hub (YoLink Hub or SpeakerHub), and that hub must have an internet connection. Unless you are adding devices to an existing YoLink account, or unless your building is covered by an existing YoLink wireless network, please add one hub to your order.

Do Try This at Home!

Consider automating your lights, to add safety, convenience, and even savings on your power bills! Turns lights on automatically, hands-free, when you enter a room. Turn them off, or set them to a lower level, when no motion is detected in the room. 

Set up lighting scenes, that allow you to control lighting in one or multiple rooms at the same time, even all indoor and outdoor lighting - set automatically to your preferred power setting (off, or on: 1 to 100%).

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Motion Sensor 10-Pack, YoLink Hub Required!
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YoLink Outdoor Motion Sensor, YoLink Hub Required - YoLink
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In-Wall Switch, YoLink Hub Required
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YoLink Smart In-Wall Outlet Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT, YoLink Hub Required - YoLink



Semtech® LoRa® RF Module YL09microcontroller with 32-Bit RISC processor



AC Input Power: 

100 - 120VAC, 60Hz

AC Output Rating: 

100 - 120VAC, 10 Amps Max. (Resistive Loads, Only)

Maximum Load (Watts) Incandescent 


Maximum Load (Watts) Fluorescent Lamp:


Maximum Load (Watts) LED: 




Dimensions, Imperial (Length x Width x Depth):

2.69 x 1.19 x 1.34 inches (Excludes faceplate)

Dimensions, Metric (Length x Width x Depth):

68.33 x 30.23 x 34 mm (Excludes faceplate)

Application Environments

Indoor, Only

Operating Humidity Range:

<95% Non-Condensing

Operating Temperature Range:

-22°F – 158°F (-30°C – 70°C) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Scott Doubet
Yolink Dimmer Switch

I added 3 Dimmer Switches to control 7 various external LEDs (100W incandescent equivalents). They work perfectly and are programmable within the YoLink environment and (untested by me) probably other/3rd party home automation ecosystems. They are a perfect complement to YoLink motion detectors, door open sensors, etc. when used in YoLink Automations and Scenes (and thus probably 3rd party integrated-ecosystems/scripts). Happy here.


WOW WOW WOW!!! After dealing with disconnect after disconnect on a previous brand dimmer switches, whos brand I will not mention. These have been absolutely the best dimmer switches ever.
Never go off line and have amazing operating selections through the app.
Work very well with Alexa. I have three.

Best dimmer switch available.

I just put 3 of them in my house.

Steven Yarnell
Poor design

Ground wire on wrong side of metal. Apparently, YoSmart aware of this and now changing manufacturing, but should have alerted me to this prior to my purchasing or recalled dimmers or at least provided instructions on now to "get around" this issue.

Rob Rieman
Replaced Cassetta dimmer that would flicker

Works perfect. Simple install and very easy to control with Alexa.