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The Environmental Line

This collection of products includes our line of smart thermostats, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity sensors, as well as our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Managing your environment, and keeping your home or business comfortable and safe has never been easier, or more economical!

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Build Your Own

Use the system builder, below, to configure products for your application.

New to YoLink?

Peruse our product line at your leisure, or use our System Builder, below, to guide you through the process of starting your first YoLink system.

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For full functionality, including operation of the app and phone notifications, each device must wirelessly connect to one of our two hubs. The Hub is the only device that connects to your network and to the internet. You can learn more about this technology on our Discover page.

Please select at least one hub, either our original YoLink Hub or our SpeakerHub audio/talking hub (suggested), or one of the starter kits. 

Please Note: both hubs require a full-time internet connection for full functionality of the system and app. The YoLink Hub works with Ethernet and/or WiFi, while the SpeakerHub is WiFi (2.4 GHz), only.

For a side-by-side comparison of our two hubs, click here

For more info on the hubs, click the hub image below, or click here for the YoLink Hub or here for the SpeakerHub.


Starter Kits

Our starter kits are curated based on our most popular products, to help you get started quickly and easily, and they often save you money. 

Did You Know?

There is no published limit to the number of devices you can have on your system or account? You do not need to upgrade to a "pro" hub or pay extra if you have a large system. But we do recommend adding a second hub if you get up around 200 devices. And there is no limit to the number of hubs you can have!

Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Monitor the air humidity, and temperature of air, water and other liquids.

Do Try This at Home!

As a minimum, everyone who has a fridge should put one of our temperature & humidity sensors in it. And in the freezer as well. For around $30 you can protect possibly hundreds of dollars in perishable items kept in your fridge or freezer. Be sure to check out our Smart Fridge collection.

Other popular applications include automating exhaust fans in bathrooms, based on high temperature and/or humidity levels. 

YoLink sensors often protect our furry, feathered, even finned, pets at home, in kennels, and even in RVs. Check out or Smart Aquariumand Smart RV collections.

Many of our sensor are used in condos, rental properties, apartments, hotels -- anywhere you can't always be there to protect it yourself!

Life Safety

What is more important than life safety? Don't entrust the safety of you and your family with outdated conventional smoke or carbon monoxide detectors! Our smart smoke, heat and carbon monoxide sensors utilize the latest technology, they are self-testing, and supervised 24/7.