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What is YoLink?

YoLink, a division of YoSmart, a US corporation based in Irvine, California, is a line of smart products for residential and commercial use, utilizing wireless technology initially utilized for industrial, municipal, and other large-scale applications. This technology, LoRa, short for Long-Range, is unique in the smart home industry, and provides you with benefits that include upwards of 10 years between battery changes in some cases, up to 1/4 mile open-air wireless range, superior wall and obstruction penetration, including concrete, masonry, even metal!

YoLink benefits include a more secure automation network, due to a centralized and encrypted internet connection, as the devices are not on the internet and they do not rely on WiFi. All communication is encrypted, and and controlled by AWS servers, for finance-grade security, backups and redundancies.

Our patented Control-D2D (device-to-device) pairing allows for offline operation, including functionality after the loss of WiFi, internet, and even the loss of AC power, making it perfect for your critical operations such as water leak detection and automatic shut-off, and security/intrusion detection applications.

 What is LoRa?

LoRa (short for long range), is a wireless communication technology specifically designed for long-range communication with low power consumption. It utilizes a spread spectrum modulation technique derived from chirp spread spectrum (CSS) technology. Semtech’s LoRa devices and wireless radio frequency technology is a long range, low power wireless platform that has become the de facto technology for Internet of Things (IoT) networks worldwide. 

LoRa technology has gained popularity in the IoT space due to its long-range capabilities, low power consumption, and cost-effectiveness. It enables the deployment of wireless sensor networks over large areas, allowing for diverse applications that require low-power, long-range connectivity. Learn more


  What is Control-D2D?

Control-D2D is our unique wireless device-to-device protocol that adds the ability to pair one wireless device to one or more (up to 128!) other wireless devices, to establish a link or relationship between the devices, that will remain and will carry out the desired action when required, even if WiFi, internet and AC power are no longer available. The pairing process is incredibly easy and takes no more than a minute to set up.

Control-D2D pairing is perfect for critical applications, such as security/intrusion detection and for water leak detection and automatic water shut-off (and it is a big part of our Water Leak Protection System, a complete water leak detection and automatic shut-off solution protecting customers against the loss and expense that often comes with water leaks.

What can I do with Control-D2D?

  • You can pair a smart siren to activate upon any alarm (motion sensor, vibration sensor, water leak sensor, etc.).
  • You can pair your leak sensors to a smart motorized valve or wireless valve controller.
  • You can pair a smart plug or light switch to a motion sensor or door sensor.
  • You can pair a smart fob to a garage door operator. 

No WiFi, No Internet, No Power, No Problem!

Take advantage of Control-D2D features and pair you leak sensors directly to your smart valve or valve controller. It takes just a couple minutes, but you can be assured the water will be shut off, automatically, as soon as any of the paired sensors detects a water leak. 

Longest Range, by Far!

Up to a quarter-mile, open-air, wireless range is possible with YoLink products. You may not be protecting a high-rise condo building, a farm, or an expansive ranch, but you can still benefit from YoLink's superior wireless technology. Range is ultimately limited by obstructions - walls, floors, concrete, drywall, even furniture. YoLink wireless can penetrate more solid objects, even reinforced concrete and steel, than any alternative wireless technology in smart home. Even a small home and apartment can benefit from our Longest Range, by Far! technology!

Building Your Smart Home with YoLink & Semtech video
Smart Water Leak Protection System, by YoLink

When it comes to minimizing your risk and providing maximum protection against the costs and loss from water leaks in your residence or business, leak detection is only part of the puzzle. Your plan must include a means of turning off the water, to limit the damage. You might consider planning on your being home at the time and able to turn off the water manually, or you may have a dependable neighbor to do it for you if you are not at home.  But, the price of smart water control devices have come down, while the ease of installation and use has improved. Case in point, the new EVO line of motorized valves and bolt-on valve operators)


You Are Smart!

You want to make your home or business smart.

You want to use IoT devices, apps and automation, to add safety, security, and convenience to your life and even savings on your power bill.

That's smart!

At YoLink, by YoSmart, it is our ambition to provide the best and most user-friendly smart products, at the best prices, with the best customer support.

We think that's smart!

Designed to be easy to set up and easy to use, with features like reliable, industry-leading extreme long range wireless networks, extended battery life, and

a two-year warranty, YoLink is the smart choice!

 Discover What's New

& What's On the Way!

  • Smart Farm
  • Available Now
  • Water Depth Sensor
  • Water Level Sensor
  • More

Smart Farm?  Well, of course! It was only a matter of time before people noticed the unique abilities of YoLink products, including our extreme long-range wireless (up to 1/4 mile, open-air), and device-to-device pairing, which allows for functionality even if internet is not available - all perfect for the lack of WiFi and internet connectivity, the expanses and acreage, and the remote buildings common to farms. Even "mini" farms, like the backyard chicken coop or beehive, (and let's not get started on how economical it is!) can benefit from YoLink products! 

Recently released products:

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Valve Controller 2 & Bulldog Valve Robot
Sale Off
AlarmFob Smart Keyfob
Sale Off
FlexFob Smart Fob, 2nd Generation
Sale Off
On/OffFob Smart Fob for use with YoLink Devices
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Dimmer Switch, YoLink Hub Required
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Valve Controller 2 & EVO Valve Operator

The latest addition to our Smart Water Solutions line, the smart Water Depth Sensor measures actual water depth, up to 15 feet (soon to be expanded to 30 feet, with an optional cable). 

Back in stock in October.

This product is a member of the following product collections: SMART FARM      SMART WATER SOLUTIONS

Not to be confused with the Water Depth Sensor, the Water Level Monitoring Sensor is intended for smaller applications, and it (only) indicates a high or low water level (not the exact water depth or amount of water). It is intended for use in AC condensate pans, sump pits, aquariums, and water storage tanks, etc. 

Now available!

This product is a member of the following product collections: SMART FARM   SMART AQUARIUM   SMART SUMP PUMP   SMART WATER SOLUTIONS

Water Flow Sensor

X3 Indoor/Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor

X3 Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Sensor w/Probe

Water Leak Sensor 4 (puck style with sounder)
Water Leak Sensor 5 (puck style with anti-tamper)

Next Gen Light Switch (to join the Dimmer Switch)

Next Gen Bolt-on Valve Operator

Next Gen Motorized Valve

X3 Hub

Smart buttons (1 to 4 button small form factor)

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