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Smart Farm

YoLink's sensors have the best range, savings, and efficiency in the market, ideal for farms for your crops, fields, and livestock. 

Smart Farming

Agriculture, animal husbandry, farming, all traditionally rudimentary, close-to-nature, low-tech, trades, can benefit significantly from today's technology. Specifically, smart, IoT, technology. In addition to a comprehensive line-up of economical indoor and outdoor smart devices, YoLink brand products are uniquely-suited to use in farming, whether for commercial applications or for a backyard chicken coop. That is because only YoLink offers economical, do-it-yourself, indoor and outdoor smart products, with extreme long-range wireless (up to 1/4 mile, open-air), with no dependence on WiFi. Separate and remote buildings, and the acreage of typical farms and the lack of internet connectivity are perfect applications for YoLink products!

Why YoLink? 

D.I.Y. Installation

Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation in seconds

Smart Technology

LoRa-powered Long Range, superior obstruction penetration, long battery life

Instant Notifications

Get email, SMS, and audible notifications from  devices as well as phone anytime, anywhere


Affordable, cost-saving devices without subscription fees

Automated Tech

Countless applications through automations to make farms more efficient

D2D Control 

Functionality even after the loss of power and/or internet ideal for critical applications

Easy Scan & Play Installation 

Water Leak Detector set up instructions Step 1 - Download YoLink App.
Water Leak Detector set up instructions Step 2 - Plug in hub.
Water Leak Detector set up instructions Step 2 - Plug in hub.

1) Download free App 

2) Plug in Hub and scan it’s QR code

3) Turn on and scan sensor. Done. 

YoLink products can monitor and manage equipment and devices, to ensure healthy environments for animals. YoLink products can provide security for your family, staff and workers, livestock, animals in your care, equipment and property. 

YoLink products can be found in backyard chicken coops, on ranches and farms of all types, in poultry plants, diary farms and dairy processing plants, as well as in nearly all segments of the farm to table process. Including but not limited to milk storage tanks, refrigerated warehouses and distribution centers, grocery stores, convenience stores, and even in your local ice cream shop (even in ice cream trucks, for that matter!).

We strive to make our products easy to set-up and install, and we stand behind the quality of our products with a two year warranty for most of our product lines as well as lifetime customer support. 

Over 1,000,000 YoLink devices in use at over 100,000 sites worldwide! (01/05/2024) 

Why Farms Love YoLink 

Our customers are typically pleasantly-surprised by the performance, low initial cost and low cost of ownership of their YoLink products. Some products can quickly pay for themselves by saving on power bills or by preventing loss, including loss of livestock, refrigerated items, and loss due to fire, water leaks/flooding, and theft.

“I use Yolink on the farm for our two electric fence charge controllers, and it saves us so much time. Before we had to physically enter the barn and manually unplug them in the barns before moving livestock or working in the fields. Now it’s a simple digital toggle on/off switch on my phone. We have several other Yolink products around the farm as well, including a remote temp sensor and outlet switch on our chicken coop brooder. The affordability and 1/4 mile range have been a good fit for us here on our farm. I’d recommend Yolink to anyone farming, as the remote capabilities of turning on/off outlets from a cell phone are endless.”

Jason Birchfield

Owner, Birchfield Farms, LLC

Oxford, Ohio

"I use a YoLink vibration sensor to let me know when my generator is running and a YoLink outdoor temp sensor to let me know the hotstart for it is working. This gives me piece of mind. This generator is critical as 80,000 chickens lives depend on it. I also use YoLink Contact Sensors in combination with current sensing switches to monitor the feed usage in my chicken houses. It is critical their feed augers run regularly not only so they put on more weight but also for their health. If they run out of feed they become stressed which leads to disease."

Donnie Beam

Owner, Beam Farms

Kings Mountain, NC

“I have a farm that spans an area far too large for Wi-Fi or Z-wave sensors to be useful. I use YoLink products so I never have to worry about the signal reaching to the coop, the field, the mailbox or anywhere on my property. And, the integration with Home Assistant gives me the flexibility to control things however I want. I would recommend YoLink to anyone who wants a solution that will just work, right out of the box, whether in a house or on an acreage”

Scott Bell

Owner, Bell Farm

Runnells, Iowa

“The selection and versatility of Yolink products makes their use on our farm indispensable. We use the Relay to automate our chicken coop doors. The Weatherproof Temperature Sensors are used to monitor temperatures inside our bee hives. We use the vibration sensor to monitor our well pump for continuous running. Farm life is much easier with Yolink products!”


Owner, New Hope Farm & Apiary 

Wellsville, KS

“At Thankful Farms we raise Dexter cattle, Berkshire hogs as well as a U-Pick operation for blueberries and Muscadine grapes. We have YoLink Weatherproof Temperature and Humidity sensors installed in all of our freezers where we store retail cuts of beef and pork prior to resale as well as grapes and blueberries. The sensors have no trouble connecting to the hub through the freezer walls and are configured to send notifications to the YoLink app on my phone as well as SMS alerts whenever the temperature rises above -2 degrees F. Prior to installation of these sensors we had a freezer fail that led to a significant loss of beef. We are also using a Smart Outdoor Plug on the power for the electric fence surrounding our primary pasture. This makes it much easier to troubleshoot any problems with the fence since we can turn it off and on from anywhere in the pasture. We also monitor and control these devices through Home Assistant. We are very pleased with the quality of the YoLink products as well as the excellent support provided by the YoLink staff.”

Gary Lesemann

Owner, Thankful Farms

Application Focus: 

Smart Chicken Coop

Keep your feathered friends safe and healthy, with smart products from YoLink. Monitor and control brooder and coop temps, water levels and temperature, lighting, and security. 

Smart Plugs, Outlets and Light Switches

  • put lights and other equipment on schedules
  • turn on/off lights based on your local, automatic sunrise/sunset settings (including offsets, such as "1 hour before sunrise"
  • motion sensors and door/gate sensors can be used to automate lighting
  • motion sensors can be used as occupancy sensors, to turn lights on when occupied, off when not
  • control electric fences
  • control air compressors and other equipment
  • with the plug with power monitoring, you can check the current draw of connected equipment, to verify operation or to identify problems
  • with smart temperature sensors, automate heaters and heat lamps; turn on and off based on temperature
  • with humidity sensors, control exhaust fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers
Extreme long-range wireless technology for farms  with applications like chicken coop temperature, cistern water level, and horse stable door sensor

Popular Applications

Schedule and automate lighting, turn off when not needed, turn off if left on too long

Schedule and automate heating, heat lamps in chicken incubators, brooders, coops, etc. 

With the Temperature Sensor w/Probe, run water circulation pumps to prevent freezing

Control electric fences

Good-to-know: most YoLink controllable devices, like relays, switches and plugs...

  • have an on/off switch for manual control
  • can be controlled from the app
  • can be controlled from a smart fob
  • can be controlled by other devices (see Control-D2D device-to-device pairing)
  • can be controlled by voice (Alexa, Google assistants)
  • can be controlled by Alexa routine (some devices are compatible with Google Assistant)
  • can be controlled by IFTTT
  • can be controlled by Home Assistant
  • can be controlled as part of an automation or scene and by schedule, time of day, including at sunrise or sunset or +/- X minutes before/after
  • can automatically turn off after being on too long (per your preferences in the app)

and most events can trigger a notification (for example, receive a push notification if a plug was turned on)

Power Fail Alarm

With the Power Fail Alarm you can monitor power at critical equipment and be notified if power is disconnected. Be notified via push notification, email, SMS, and/or device action such as turning on remote sirens, lights, etc.

  • USB-powered device, so it can monitor any power source that can power a USB adapter. If you need to monitor 220VAC, you need a USB power adapter that can be plugged into or connected to 220VAC
  • Has an internal siren that can activate when power is lost. This siren can be muted in the app
  • Can trigger sirens, relays, plugs or other devices upon the loss of power
  • Reports loss of power through the connection to the hub. If the hub loses the internet connection due to the power loss/outage, you will be notified within 30 minutes (per settings in your app)

For related products, please check our Indoor Siren Alarm. 

Power Fail Alarm Popular Applications 

Refrigerators and freezers 



Water Pumps

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

With indoor & outdoor temperature & humidity sensors you can:

  • monitor the temperature of the air, water or other liquids, as well as surfaces (temperature sensor w/probe)
  • monitor humidity indoors and out
  • automate heaters and heat lamps; turn on and off based on temperature
  • control exhaust fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers

Popular applications:

  • Monitor water temperatures at troughs and waterers. 
  • Be alerted with high and low temperature notifications, as well as automate or manually control devices from the app, such as heaters and pumps
  • Monitor temperature and humidity in barns, stables, chicken coops and rabbit hutches, to ensure healthy conditions
  • Monitor temperatures inside beehives (temp. sensor w/probe)
  • Monitor exact temperature and humidity indoors and out
  • The Weatherproof Temperature Sensor w/probe is commonly used in composting. Receive alerts if nominal temperature levels are exceeded
  • Monitor temperature and humidity in freezers, coolers, refrigerators where critical refrigerated items are stored, for food production, etc.

Vibration Sensors 

With the vibration sensor, you can secure buildings and items by detecting the breaking of glass, objects been hit, disturbed, shaken, damaged or tampered with. You can also detect when an object has been moved, lifted or dropped, and detect and monitor equipment running, such as pumps and generators

Popular Vibration Sensor Applications

  • Place on a window and detect when the window is disturbed or broken
  • Detect break-ins at doors before they are opened
  • Detect generator running
  • Detect sump pump running
  • Attach to animal traps and detect trap activation
  • Attach to porch pick-up and delivery boxes to detect activity
  • Attach to dog/pet doors to detect activity
  • Place inside vehicles to detect catalytic converter theft, vehicle theft, tampering

The Vibration Sensor is intended for indoor use, or for use outdoors only when the environmental range  of -4°F – 122°F (-20°C - 50°C) and less than 90% humidity - the sensor must not get wet - is maintained.
  • Extreme Long Range
  • Mailbox Alert
  • Relay, Switch, Control Panels
  • Shed, Barn Doors
  • Panel Doors
  • Extreme Long Range
  • Mailbox Sensor
  • Relay, Switch, Control Panels
  • Shed, Barn Doors
  • Panel Doors

With door, window, lid and contact sensors you can:

  • monitor the position of barn and stable doors, man doors and roll-up doors
  • monitor the position of sliding, coiling doors with the Contact Sensor and specialty contacts
  • monitor the position of vehicle gates, chain link fence gates, wood & metal swing gates, etc.
  • monitor the position of lids, doors on coops and cages
  • monitor the position of garage doors
  • monitor doors and lids on storage cabinets, lockers, boxes and enclosures
  • monitor doors and lids on freezers and refrigerators
  • monitor equipment and items to protect against moving, tampering and theft
  • integrate with alarm control panels, detectors, any equipment or machinery with relay or contact-closure outputs (the sensor at the end of the cable can be removed, allowing or the wires to be terminated on relays or outputs (e.g. 4-wire photo beam sensors, gas detector control panel alarms, etc.)

Popular applications:

  • Provide security for property and assets; protect against break-ins, theft, property damage
  • A door or object opening can trigger a security response, including activating sirens and strobes at the location, and sending notifications to your phone, broadcasting alarms and spoken message at SpeakerHubs, etc.
  • A door, window, lid, gate, etcetera, left open too long can trigger a notification or alarm
  • The Contact Sensor has been used to integrate to non-smart devices, alarms, detectors, systems, relays and equipment
  • The Contact Sensor, along with the Door Sensor, Vibration and Motion Sensors, has been used to create a mail box alert (mail delivered/picked-up)
  • The Contact Sensor, along with the Vibration Sensor, has been used to create a trash can alert (trash picked-up)

With Motion Sensors you can:

  • secure buildings, equipment and property by detecting motion
  • use the motion sensor as an occupancy sensor; use motion detected, or lack of motion detected, to automate lighting, fans, air conditioning, etc. 
  • use the motion sensor as a driveway alert
  • use the motion sensor to detect vehicles, livestock, etc. at gates

Our motion sensors are intended to detect human-sized objects, but they can be used to detect animals, and when installed appropriately can be used to detect smaller animals, such as foxes and racoons, and chickens and rabbits. For this application, the Outdoor Motion Sensor must be mounted low to the ground, and be positioned where animals will cross the coverage area, ideally (not come towards the sensor; the sensor reacts faster to movement across the coverage area - e.g. from left to right side of the sensor's field of view). The Outdoor Motion Sensor has a nominal range of around 20 feet (6 meters). The range of motion detection should not be confused with the wireless range of the device. The wireless range of the sensor back to the nearest hub has a nominal range of 1000 feet (300 meters) open-air and line-of-sight.

Motion sensors are typically installed on a fixed surface such as a wall or pole, but they can be used in or on mobile equipment, such as combines, RVs, boats, etcetera, protecting them will parked, stationary or in storage. 

Popular applications:

  • Intrusion detection
  • Occupancy sensor; automate lighting
  • Presence detection: detect a moving object or person, automate a device action or notification (non security application)

With Smart Water Depth & Level Sensors you can:

  • monitor water depth in storage tanks up to 15 feet tall
  • monitor water depth in wells up to 15 feet deep (30 foot sensors are in development)
  • monitor high/low water levels in water troughs
  • monitor low-water levels in small animal waterers, watering bowls, etc.

Popular applications:

  • Monitor and manage water storage containers
  • Automate waterers in chicken coops and rabbit hutches
  • Automate water trough top-off (with water level sensors)