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Welcome to the YoLink Line of Security & Intrusion Detection Products!

Put our products to work protecting your property, your loved ones, and your piece of mind. Our advanced wireless LoRa®-based technology and our patented Control-D2D device-to-device pairing are uniquely-suited for security applications. Superior wireless range and obstruction penetration, long battery life, no dependence on WiFi, and the ability to continue working even with the loss of internet and power, set YoLink above the alternatives. Don't entrust your family and property to anything less! We have the products and the know-how, with over 30 years experience in the commercial security industry. 

Also, don't forget to check with your insurance agent, as a security system can earn you a discount or rebate on your insurance costs.

Select from the product types listed above, or use the system builder, below, to 'build' a system of your own. If at any time you need assistance, use our chat service or the contact-us form at the bottom of this page.

For full functionality, including operation of the app and phone notifications, each device must wirelessly connect to one of our two hubs. The Hub is the only device that connects to your network and to the internet. You can learn more about this technology on our Explore page.

Please select at least one hub, either our original YoLink Hub or our SpeakerHub audio/talking hub (suggested), or one of the starter kits. 

For many years, residential security for your average consumer started inside the home and ended at the home's exterior doors and windows. Security devices for your yard and property were for the most part expensive to buy and expensive to install, with wiring required and devices intended more for commercial applications. Now, with long-range wireless technology such as ours, long battery life, higher quality designs and manufacturing processes, for less than $40 you can install a wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor in minutes, and set up a driveway alert or begin to create an entire perimeter security system.

When you expand your home's security perimeter to the edge of your property, in addition to protecting vehicles or other items on your property, you can create a virtual moat around your home. You can, for example, have flood lights turn on automatically, you can have a siren turn on briefly, just long enough to discourage would-be burglars.

It is amazing what you can do for such a relatively small investment: no expensive equipment, no trenching, no technician or electrician and no big invoice! 


With the advent of app-based smart security devices such as ours, and the ability to self-monitor* your security system, it is surprisingly affordable to provide at least a basic level of security for your home and business! Consider our indoor Door Sensor. With our Scan & Plan QR-code scanner feature in the app and with 3M brand mounting tape preinstalled on the sensor, you will literally have a door security system in minutes!

Our wireless Vibration Sensor is one of our most versatile sensors, as it can be used to protect glass windows and doors, it can provide intrusion and tampering protection for drawers, enclosures, cabinets, gun lockers (and even inside safes, in some cases), it is used in vehicles to provide anti-catalytic and general theft protection, generator and sump pump operation sensors, laundry machine completion sensors, and it is even used as part of a "smart mouse trap" solution. Pick up a couple of these economical and flexible general-purpose sensors; you will find places to use them!
The Vibration Sensor is an indoor sensor, meaning it can not get wet, but it can work outside when keep dry and within the operating temperature range. See the device specifications for more information or contacts us for design assistance using the form below. 

Our versatile Outdoor Contact Sensor's primary use is as a large gap, gate or lid open/closed sensor, for use outdoors and elsewhere that our indoor Door Sensor may not be appropriate, but when the magnet is removed from the cable, the "OCS" becomes a universal input sensor, capable of monitoring any relay, control panel or device with normally-open or closed dry contacts (no power/voltage on them). The OCS can be used to supervise or integrate with a legacy burglar alarm panel, it can be used for directly monitoring wired, non-addressable* security devices with N/O or N/C dry contacts, such as an outdated but functional motion sensor or set of wired door contacts. The applications are countless!

* Addressable refers to a wired technology that utilizes unique device "addresses" and a typically proprietary communication protocol only compatible with control panels, and other devices, from the same manufacturer. Addressable devices are not compatible, but the OCS can be used to integrate with or monitor the alarm, trouble and supervisory (or other programmed relay or trigger outputs) relays in an addressable control panel of any brand.

Sometimes your security needs may require controlling or activating another control panel or piece of equipment. Controlling flood lights upon motion detection can easily be done with our motion sensors and our light switches, but activating an existing siren or burglar alarm panel when a YoLink motion sensor detects motion is a little more involved, but it can still be a simple DIY project for most.

We offer two types of relays or control devices. Our Relay has a set of dry contacts capable of sending power from various sources and voltages (refer to device specifications for exact info on this). Our Alarm Controller products - have 12VDC wet contacts, capable of powering a relay, if not the 12VDC device directly. 

Our new Outdoor Alarm Controller 2 has more power (1 amp!) and offers multiple power options (battery-only, AC power with battery back-up, and AC-only). The Outdoor Alarm Controller 2 boasts five years between battery changes (on standby power for 5 years), on four C cell batteries.

If using an alarm controller as a relay controller, use only 12VDC coil relays. If you have questions or need guidance, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to reach us. 

If there is anything more dangerous in your home than a burglar, it's fire, or deadly carbon monoxide gas. Your residence likely has smoke detectors that are required by local, regional or national life safety and fire codes. But they are typically not supervised, meaning there is not other agency or system that is monitoring them. Monitoring them in case they do go into alarm, or monitoring and supervising them for if they will even work. Our sensors, on the other hand, are supervised 24/7 by our servers, via an electronic heartbeat. If your device's heart stops beating, you will be notified. And, your 120V smoke sensors in your home are very unlikely to notify you of a fire while you are away from home. It is for those reasons you should still consider adding YoLink sensors to your home or business even if you have code-required sensors.

Let us know if you have any questions about smoke sensor installation or placement. We have a NICET-certified fire alarm technician on staff.