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Motorized Valves

Motorized valves and one of our smart wireless valve controllers are the hands-down best water control and shut-off solution. And while their installation may require the work of a plumber, with a little mechanical ability, a couple tools, some SharkBite brand fittings (recommended, not included), and the right DIY attitude, you can probably do this work yourself!

Update 1/10/2022: Announcing the new Smart Motorized Valve! A motorized valve with integral valve controller. One piece, no controller to install, no wires, whatsoever! The new hands-down best water control solution!

1/2 Inch Valves:

3/4 Inch Valves:

1 Inch Valves:

1-1/4 Inch Valves:

1-1/2 Inch Valves:

2 Inch Valves: