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Smart Outdoor Energy Plug - IP65 Waterproof High-Capacity 1800W, 15A Smart Plug with Real-Time Energy Monitoring, Automatic Safety Shutoff, Alexa & Google Assistant Compatible, Requires YoLink Hub

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Steve H.
Nice compact package

The outdoor plug is easy to add to the app like the other controllers. It is a nice compact package that is inconspicuous and works well outdoors.

Robert Wappas
Well but but have issues

The plug is small seems to be well built my issue is it suppose to power usage my does not, that was a major reason buying it. Still waiting a reply from yo link. Have many temp. Leak sensors happy with all. If I can get power reading to work I give it 5 stars

Introducing YoLink's latest smart outdoor energy plug. Enhanced with a built-in triac, the Smart Outdoor Energy Plug can manage high in-rush currents and offers enhanced performance and reliability, great for pump motors, LED lightings, and more. Waterproof and durable, it's designed to withstand all weather conditions for year-round use in any outdoor setting. Please note: a YoLink Hub is required to the full functionality of the smart plug.


  • Robust High-Capacity Performance: Engineered to power high-demand appliances, this plug can handle devices requiring up to 1800W and 15A. Ideal for outdoor areas where high power consumption devices are used, such as pump systems or large lighting setups.

  • Enhanced Safety with Automatic Protection: Equipped with sophisticated sensors, the plug automatically shuts off power in cases of overheating or overload. This not only protects the appliance connected but also ensures safety in your outdoor environments, preventing potential fire hazards.

  • Comprehensive Energy Monitoring: Utilize the YoLink app to access detailed energy usage and power charts. This feature allows users to track consumption over time, identify power-hungry devices, and understand their energy footprint, leading to informed decisions about energy use and potential savings.

  • Instantaneous Power Status Updates: Refresh and view the current power status directly from the YoLink app, giving you immediate insights into the operational status of connected devices. This feature is invaluable for troubleshooting and ensuring devices are functioning optimally.

  • All-Weather Suitable Design: This plug is crafted to withstand the rigors of outdoor use with a durable, waterproof build that ensures functionality in various weather conditions from rain to intense sun. Perfect for year-round use in gardens, patios, or any outdoor setting.

  • Customizable Power Alerts: Tailor high and low power alerts via the app to get notified when power usage deviates from set thresholds. This not only helps in managing energy more effectively but also acts as an additional layer of safety, alerting you to unexpected increases in power usage that could indicate potential issues.

  • YoLink Hub Required: Note that a YoLink Hub is required to the full functionality of this smart plug. The hub ensures a secure, stable, and extensive range of connectivity, making it an essential component of YoLink smart home ecosystem.