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YoLink Garage Door Controller Compatibility 

Looking to make your garage door smart with YoLink's original Garage Door Controller 1? 

Before you do, double check that your garage door operator is on the list of compatible models or alternatively, perform a quick test.

Check Garage Door Controller Compatibility

1. Select your garage door opener brand:
2. Select your garage door opener model:

Test for Compatibility 

If you can't find your operator on the list, you can follow below for instructions in the compatibility test

YoLink Garage Door Operator 1 Compatibility Test for Smart Garage Opener

If Garage Door Controller 1 is Incompatible 

If the garage door controller 1 isn't compatible with your model, we also have another Garage Door Controller that is nearly universally compatible with all garage door buttons and is popular for also not requiring any wiring or ladders for installation. Consider our innovative Finger Universal Garage Door Controller, also referred to as the Garage Door Controller 2.

Please note that both garage door controllers will need a YoLink Hub for functionality. Please visit our Smart Garage Door page for more information and resources on how to have a smart garage door opener and system for your home.