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Smart Water Leak Protection System Builder

Step 1: Select Your Hub

Choose either our original YoLink Hub, or our SpeakerHub. Customers love our new SpeakerHub, as it can play attention-getting sounds, like a siren sound, and verbally inform you of off-normal and alert conditions, such as "Leak detected in basement!"

Please see the Hub or SpeakerHub pages for additional info. Select at least one hub (or multiple hubs for large buildings, mid- and high-rise entire-building systems) or chose from a starter kit with a hub, in section 1A.

See the "email a smart systems architect" banner below, if design assistance is required. 

Step 1A: Or Select Your Hub as Part of a Starter Kit

Starter kits are packaged for your convenience and offer some savings versus purchasing the items individually. 

Step 2: Select Your Water Control/Shut-Off Kit

Select from one of these kits. Each includes one of our wireless Valve Controllers and either a motorized valve, a Bulldog Valve Robot, or a Valve Manipulator. Our Bulldog Valve Robot is a bolt-on* ball valve controller and is our easiest DIY offering for water shut-off and control, while our motorized valve is our best and most commercial-grade solution (but it does require some experience or comfort level in plumbing work; cutting pipe, etc.)

If you chose a Bulldog starter kit in step 1A, proceed to step 3. 

*By "bolt-on" we mean that it is mounted on top of the ball valve. It is easy to install, and requires only a Phillips screwdriver, but by comparison to the motorized valve, the Bulldog has several adjustments and its operation is dependent on the correct installation and also on the condition of the existing ball valve (which must be in good working order). 

Bulldog Valve Robots:

Motorized Valves:

1/2 Inch Valves:

3/4 Inch Valves:

1 Inch Valves: