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YoLink Smart Wireless Water Valve Controller 2 - HUB REQUIRED
Smart valve controller, with valve position feedback, and three power configurations (AC with battery back-up, AC-only, batteries-only).
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This product requires a YoLink Hub or SpeakerHub for full functionality! 

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YoLink Hub
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SpeakerHub - Hub with Speaker Plays Sounds and Your Text-to-Speech Custom Messages, LoRa-Powered ¼ Mile Range, WiFi Required - YoLink
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YoLink Hub 3

The Valve Controller 2 is and smart valve controller for use with the Bulldog Valve Robot or a 12VDC motorized valve (not included), with three power configurations: AC-only, AC with battery back-up, and batteries-only. Please note! This item does NOT include a Bulldog Valve Robot or motorized valve. This is sold as a replacement part, but if it is used with older version Bulldogs or motorized valves, they may not be compatible with the valve position input on the controller and/or the cable connectors may not be compatible. Purchase a complete kit, with valve controller and Bulldog or motorized valve, such as those found here.

Available extension cables allow for mounting the controller remotely from the valve, which may facilitate battery replacement or manual control (from the button on the controller). 

The Valve Controller 2 is available with positive valve position feedback in some configurations. This particular kit does not, and uses last controller command for indicating the position of the valve in the app. 


What's included:

(1) Valve Controller 2 (batteries included)

(1) Plug-in power adapter w/59" (1.5m) cord

(3) Phillips Screws

(1) Quick Start Guide

Many Ways to Control Your Motorized Valve!
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