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Cloud-based Smart 

System Web Dashboard

Raedius YoLink's enterprise solution web dashboard

Raedius Features

Manage Multiple Buildings Icon

Centralized Control

Manage and control 1 or 1,000 buildings, 10 or 100,000 devices. 

YoLink hub icon

Smart YoLink Devices

Convenient and efficient way to manages all of your smart YoLink devices

Track device activity icon

Track Activity

Track all device activity, being alerted of abnormal conditions and events

Email, SMS, and audible notifications from devices icon.

Instant Notifications

Get email, SMS, and audible notifications from audible/visible devices

Smart data visualization web dashboard icon.

Visualize Data

View real-time or historical

data and device status in

graphical formats 

LoRa long range advanced technology YoLink icon.

Advanced Technology

LoRa-powered Long Range, superior obstruction penetration, long battery life

Innovative Technology

At YoLink, by YoSmart, we were the first manufacturer to introduce LoRa® by Semtech® to the residential smart home industry. The innovative CSS (chirp spread spectrum) technology behind LoRa ("long-range" and low-power) brings extreme long-range wireless (1/4 mile open air), extreme long battery life (upwards of 10 years), and economical smart devices to the home and business.

YoLink graphic depicting it's best range and technology through LoRa
Computer screenshot of Raedius, YoLink's business solution for enterprise customers.

Unique Features

Unique features like Control-D2D device-to-device
pairing allows for functionality even after the loss of power and/or internet, making YoLink ideal for critical applications, such as water leak detection and automatic water shut-off. We continue to innovate with product and service offerings such as our Raedius Web Console, which extends the reach of YoLink products to large, complex multi-site applications.

Start using Raedius and monitor, manage, and control your smart systems from a single web user interface - anywhere at any time. 

Raedius Benefits

There are many applications that Raedius can monitor through YoLink's smart home automation products, including water, security and intrusion prevention, power and lighting, as well as temperature and humidity solutions. 

Building-wide smart water leak solution.

Building-Wide Water Leak Detection/Water shut-off 

Building-wide security through smart door sensors and smart lock management.

Smart Lock Management and Door Monitoring 

YoLink's temperature and humidity solution for business and industry.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

YoLink's smart thermostat management for business solutions.

Thermostat Management 

Smart building system graphic.

The Problem

You are responsible for managing:

• Systems at multiple sites

• Single or multiple large systems or collections of devices with no convenient or centralized management and control

• Legacy, outdated and non-smart systems or devices that lack desired (smart) features

• Divergent, incompatible systems with no interoperability or integration options

Why Raedius is the Smart Solution

  • Install
  • Integrate
  • Automate
  • Visualize
  • Notify

Easy D.I.Y. Installation

YoLink products are designed to be easy to install, set-up, and use. 

YoLink hub, water leak sensors, door sensor, and smart plug.

Inclusive, not Exclusive 

Integrate with non-YoLink devices via

API (Application Programming Interface)

or conventional contact-closure inputs

and outputs

Most building special systems manufacturers, such as access control and video surveillance systems, offer very capable applications for their products, but they only work with their, proprietary, brands. Raedius, on the other hand, is designed to be inclusive, and to help you unify divergent and incompatible systems. Our API-based platform allows for the integration of any other device or equipment with authorized API credentials.

Amazon Web Services provides banking-level data security and encryption, plus redundancies and back-ups, ensuring Raedius is fast, secure and dependable.

Person using Raedius and setting up automated action profiles for smart devices.


Easily create Action Profiles - automations that perform device actions and notifications, based on your predefined parameters or criteria. Reduce the amount of manual effort in checking devices and be instantly alerted only when necessary, saving you time and money! 


View real time or historical data and device status in graphical formats to suit your needs

Raedius' graphical format for smart devices data display
YoLink's industrial business smart web dashboard solution


Raedius was designed to manage the notification of a diverse group of recipients, including staff, security guards, property owners and tenants

Automation Made Easy

Raedius provides powerful yet user-friendly means of automating your building systems processes, from unlocking a door at 7:30 AM, to distributing custom audio messages for building tenants via SpeakerHubs. 

You'll be making your building smart (or smarter) in a matter of minutes!

Raedius Smart Automation for Building Systems
Raedius' action profile allowing instant alert across buildings and devices through monitoring.

Know Now

Stay informed with instant notifications 

Seconds count. Powerful automation and notification features allow for you
to configure Raedius to notify the appropriate people as quickly as possible. Notify staff, residents, owners, as well as contractors and service companies, depending on the event, time of day and location.

Raedius allows peace of mind through 24/7 monitoring. 

Notifications include alarms, sirens, speakers (text to speech), phone push notifications, emails, SMS, automated calls, receipt verification, call escalation and live calls, including police, ambulance and fire dispatch, via optional central station monitoring service.


Reliable, Efficient, and Powerful

No internet, no power, no problem! 

Thanks to Control-D2D device-to-device pairing, some functionality is available to paired devices if the internet is down and even if the power is out!

Wire Less

Leverage existing network equipment and wiring, as Hubs
(the internet gateway for YoLink devices) connect to WiFi
and/or Ethernet; no special wiring is required.


Hardware can be time-consuming to install with costly wiring infrastructure requirements. YoLink's minimal-hardware and economical infrastructure, with no servers to furnish, install, no software to maintain, is simply smarter.

Raedius logo, YoLink's business solution.

Everything you need to make your buildings smart 

Raedius is built to allow you to realize the full potential of your YoLink devices and give you an economical way to manage and control your buildings and devices. 

If you’re interested in a trial or demo, contact us to register a free account for testing, limited to 10 devices. 

Business Plan


10 Devices

$25 / month

  • 1000 Building Sites Supported

  • 100,000 YoLink Devices Supported per building (+$5 per additional 10 devices)

  • Custom Support Available 

  • SMS, Phone, and Email notifications available 

  • 2 Year Data Storage available 

  • View, export, and archive historical records


What is Raedius? 

Raedius is YoLink's smart device management platform, where you can manage and control all of your YoLink devices from a web dashboard.  

How much does Raedius cost? 

Raedius is a paid subscription service requiring a license fee of $300 a year, though the pricing may vary depending on the specific needs of a business. Interested new customers during our promotional period may register an account and be charged only $5 per device per year, with the $300 license fee starting from the second year.  Please contact YoLink to get a trial and discount. 

Who should use Raedius? 

Raedius was designed to allow customers and businesses with large buildings or facilities to realize the full potential of their YoLink systems. School administrators, safety/security staff, property owners/tenants, and others have found Raedius helpful for their schools, condos, warehouses, etc. 

What are the popular applications of Raedius? 

Here are some popular usages of Raedius: 

  • Centralized Building-Wide Water Leak Detection and automatic water shut-off
  • Temperature/humidity monitoring in commercial coolers, refridgerators, and freezers
  • Temperature/humidity monitoring in multi-family residential buildings 
  • Door and Gate monitoring 
  • General Security and Intrusion Detection Monitoring
  • Trash Chute Door Monitoring
  • Legacy equipment/control panel monitoring (contact closure integration)
  • Supplemental fire, smoke, and gas detection 
  • Thermostat Management 
  • Physical Access Control(smart locks) 
  • Power and Lighting Automation 
  • Industrial/commercial process management & automation 

How do I get Raedius? 

Please visit YoLink's Raedius Site to sign up for a free trial. For more information or assistance, email our Raedius representative or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Request Information

Inquiries and quotations: Email

Interested in learning more about what Raedius can do for you? 

YoLink offers free design assistance and budgetary quotations and can help provide powerful, economical solutions for your business. 

A site survey for signal levels and optimal hub/gateway placement is encouraged, but you can perform the steps of a site survey under our guidance.

Hub locations are determined by signal level requirements and
the availability of power, Ethernet (Cat 5/6, etc.) and/or WiFi.
Hubs can be powered from an AC outlet using the included
USB adapter (or one appropriate for the voltage in your
country), from USB power, or from a USB cable connected to a
POE (Power Over Ethernet) splitter.

Redundancies, survivability, ruggedized infrastructure,
emergency or UPS power and other installation considerations
will be discussed in your personal assessment with one of our
smart systems architects.

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