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Smart.... Toilet?  post from Facebook 10/13/21

Smart.... Toilet? post from Facebook 10/13/21

Smart... toilet??
Our Water Leak Sensors 2 and 3 are capable of monitoring water level. Meaning, by using our special probe cable (as seen below) or by wiring the sensor to a float switch, the sensors can be used to monitor for a normal or desired water level.
This idea is in use already for elderly memory care. Tracking the toilet flushes allows for identifying trends related to medication usage or changes, and even a urinary tract infection.
But there are numerous uses for your home, as well as business applications. Use this sensor to automatically turn on exhaust fans, for example. Use it to detect a leaking or runaway-flushing toilet. Business owners can use flushing history as a way to finetune your restroom maintenance schedule. The lack of flushing for too long could trigger a check to see if it needs maintenance.

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