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3 way light switch and automated exhaust fan with YoLink


From Amazon (5-star) Review 9/18/21:

Over the last few months finding out and learning about YoLink products I ordered several wall Switch's and installed one in the bath room and two in the garage. They work perfect! In the garage removed my existing switch and installed a YoLink one. I was able to set the switch to auto turn off after 5 hours of it being on (seeing that i am very seldom in the garage longer then that in one setting and at least if the lights are left on over the weekend it will get turned off automatically). Then I installed a second YoLink by the other door into the garage. The second switch is just power to the YoLink switch only it does not control any device. I then did Direct 2 Device pairing of both switches. I had to do this twice. One Pairing one direction and then paired the switches in reverse. By doing this both switches stay in sync so when I turn one on the other also goes on. And the same in reverse when one goes off the other goes off. All of this was done without the need of internet or even a YoLink hub. Now I also have the garage door sensor for both of my garage doors. I then configured some automations and settings to track the garage doors open. If one door opens then the lights come on automatically. And if both doors close (and both have to be closed not just one) the lights will then go out! Then I installed another switch in by bathroom to replace the exhaust fan switch. I also place a temp / humidity YoLink sensor in the bathroom. Now when someone takes a shower and the humidity gets' above say 90 the fan kicks on automatically! And turns off once it drops down again. It's magic! But if someone just needs to use the restroom and they want the fan on they can manually turn it on and off like normal.


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