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New humidity & temperature sensors are on the drawing board!

An update from our secret test labs, located somewhere in Irvine, California. We have some next-gen humidity and/or temperature sensors on the drawing board. I need your input on what features and specs you need.
As a couple of these will be part of our new X3 line (designed with commercial and hobbyist applications in mind) so I really want to hear from those with home brewing, grow rooms/nurseries, beekeeping and anyone else that's expecting more from their sensors.
YOU can shape the features of a future temperature sensor! YES, I know how nerdy that sounds.
Please email your ideas and requests to


  • Posted by Tom Estes on

    Think of a table top temperature and humidity sensor with remote buttons for blinds control. Now think of an apartment or office that faces the east and is too warm in morning, and the blinds automatically close, and if necessary an LED lamp is switched on. Around 11 or 12, the sun passes over the building and the direct sun goes away. The blinds open, lamps extinguish, perhaps thermostats are controlled. This is solar harvesting. The sales story to tell is cost savings and return on investment.

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