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YoLink Smart Wireless Water Valve Controller - HUB REQUIRED

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Eileen Stade
Works well in ground but poor insulation from moisture

After 3 months in an irrigation box in the ground connected to the Yolink valve installed on the water supply line the controller stopped working because the batteries inside the controller box got wet. The rubber gasket inside the little controller battery box is thin, weak and easily disturbed so as to not seal the box against moisture. I had to replace it and put it inside a zip lock bag, hoping this will keep it dry.

Bobby Witty
Water valve controller

The replacement went well. However it was not intuitive finding the replacement on the website.


  • Smart Water Valve Controller converts a ball-type (only) water valve manipulator to a smart valve
  • The manipulator is not included


  • The controller is compatible with 12V DC ball valve manipulators (ball valve type only, existing or new, but not smart)
  • Remote status and control with the convenient YoLink app
  • YoLink Control allows for the Water Valve Controller to be controlled directly by YoLink Water Leak Sensor, without an internet connection
  • YoLink’s industry-leading long-range communication allows for operation in larger homes and in areas difficult for other wireless systems, such as basements, separate garages/structures, and even outside your home
  • Amazon/Google Assistant and IFTTT integration


  • Remote control of your water valves; turn your water off or on remotely, from anywhere at any time, using the YoLink app
  • Remotely check on the on/off status of your valves, using the YoLink app
  • Extremely easy and fast installation using the YoLink app with Scan & Play
  • As part of your long-range/low-power YoLink smart home system, enjoy the reliability and carefree operation with Water Valve Controller batteries that can last 2.5 or more years or 900+ open/close cycles!


  • Remotely turn the water on or off at your condo, rental property, summer/winter home while not in use
  • Prevent unauthorized use, by turning off water lines
  • Use the YoLink Water Leak Sensor to automatically shut off the water when a leak is detected, preventing costly damages (Water Leak Sensor sold separately)
  • Shut off water to your lawn sprinkler system during the winter months, preventing water from freezing in the pipes


  • YoLink Hub is required. Starting your first YoLink system? Consider one of our kits
  • Pair your Water Valve Controller with the original Water Leak Sensor or the new Water Leak Sensor 2 to automatically shut off the water when a leak is detected
  • Pair your Gas/Water Valve Controller with the YoLink Remote for hard-to-reach control, adding convenience to your life
  • Applicable Water Pipe Size: ½ inch (DN15), ¾ inch (DN20), 1 inch (DN25); For the Pipe Sizes larger than 1 inch, you need to order an extra bracket
  • The manipulator is required.


  • YoLink Hub with an internet connection (wired Ethernet or 2.4GHz Wi-Fi). Refer to the Hub user guide for additional information
  • Smartphone or tablet running iOS 9 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher
  • Tools Required (Replacement Installation): Phillips screwdriver
  • Installation Difficulty Level: Easy


  • Semtech® LoRa® RF Module YL09 microcontroller with 32-Bit RISC processor
  • Multi-color Status LED
  • SET Button
  • Power: 4 AA batteries (6V DC)
  • Compatible Valve Type: Ball, Only
  • Torque:
  • Automatic Valve Time: 5-10 seconds
  • Electric Valve Opening Time: 5-10 seconds
  • Applicable Water Pipe Size: ½ inch (DN15), ¾ inch (DN20), 1 inch (DN25)
  • Environmental:
    • Operating Temperature Range: 32°F – 122°F (0°C – 50°C)
    • The pipe must not freeze!
    • Operating Humidity Range: 0 – 95% non-condensing


  • (1) YoLink Water Valve Controller
  • (1) Mounting Hook
  • (1) Quick Start Guide