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Valve Controller 2 & EVO Valve Operator, w/YoLink Hub, 3-Pack Water Leak Sensor 1

Valve Controller 2 & EVO Valve Operator, w/YoLink Hub, 3-Pack Water Leak Sensor 1

DESCRIPTION: EVO Valve Operator Smart Water Leak Protection System starter kit, consisting of the EVO Valve Operator, Valve Controller 2, quantity (3) Water Leak Sensor 1 sensors (model YS7903), and a YoLink Hub (model YS1603).


This is a starter kit, consisting of the following items. 

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Customer Reviews

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Dan Roman
Yolink water valve

This DYI unit is awesome, easy to install and works great. I had to use custom service to make sure I had the setting set correctly so the unit automatically turned off once the sensor sensed water. Customer service was beyond great. Very kind and knowledgeable. Great product…

Ronald Morrell
It was so easy to connect, I didn't know I was done.

Overall, this was easy to set up.
Once I installed the app on my phone, connecting and configuring was handled easily with individualized QR labels on each component.
The directions didn't clearly state it's that easy, and I was already finished. I tried to continue with the next steps. When I gave up and called Customer Service, I got a live person who knew the answers--in less than a minute. Bonus: excellent English (maybe native speaker? )
One hint: My cold water supply valve had a brass finger sticking up to limit the handle's arc of travel (to 90 degrees). It got in the way of attaching the motor to the valve axle. A small cutting wheel on a generic Dremel (Harbor Freight) solved the problem nicely.
I had water damage a couple years ago, and had been anxious about something happening when we were out of town for a weekend. Having verified that a damp finger triggered immediate shut off, I am looking for something else to stress about.

Julie Allen

This is brilliant! I am 59 & was able to follow the instructions & set it up by myself. It took me a phone call to the company to get the device to device pairing to work, but now, even without wifi or power, the valve will shut down the water to the house. I have such peace of mind now & highly recommend it!

Brigitte Derome
Yolink for water leak detection in the house

The purchased system consists of one main water valve actuator and 18 water sensors (toilets, sinks, water heater, dishwasher, refrigerator, ...)
Wow! The system is simple and very easy to install.
I tested several water leak sensors and it really works well. The main water valve is closed within seconds. I received a SMS text message notification within seconds. The email took 6 minutes to come in! A bit long, but the SMS was very quick.
Our wifi network is a Google wifi mesh system.
I highly recommend this system.

Sherry Erickson
Impressive technology

After damage from two floods in our rentals (and significant expense and time) we decided to install this technology in our personal home and all 6 of our rental townhomes with washing machines on the second floor. I am impressed by how easy it is to setup and install. We had some learning curve but were able to get everything set up and all the water sensors installed in just a few hours. We also were able to do it all without the assistance of an expensive plumbing company. So happy and we will sleep better when we complete all of the installations in our rental homes.