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IR Remote

Smart, customizable 38K (KHz infrared) universal 

IR remote controller and extender, YoLink Hub Required.

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LoRa long range technology

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Alexa Compatible* 

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Free Return up to 60 Days

Smart IR Blaster 

Smart "Learning" remote: using your existing remote, "teach" the IR remote your device's codes

Compatible with 38k devices

Smart, customizable 38K (KHz infrared) universal IR remote controller and extender (Compatible with 38K format devices/equipment)

Easiest Installation 

Extremely easy and fast installation using the YoLink app with Scan & Play, under 30 seconds. 

All-in-One functionality

All-in-One functionality adds convenience and eliminates those frustrating searches for lost remotes by condensing your remotes into one smartphone remote

Battery Powered & Portable

Uses standard alkaline batteries (2 AAA batteries); 3+ years battery life, no Lithium or special batteries required,

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Silas Patlove
Works very well, wish it were compatible with Home Assistant

See title

Ralph Alexander
Remote IR

I use these IR Remote every day on my AC window unit to turn it on and off works fine love it

zaida Santos Luna

YoLink LoRa 1/4 Mile Long Range Smart IR Remote, IR Blaster, Works with Alexa*, IFTTT, Hub REQUIRED

Bruce Sherman
YoLink Smart IR Blaster

Very easy to program through learning a remote control.
It can be placed almost anywhere without intrusion because it does not require an outlet.
Controls TVs, cable boxes, and probably most IR devices (i.e. component receivers).
Excellent technical support from John and Kevin.

Beeps when transmitting an IR signal.
Disconnects from YoLink hub too often.
Delays transmitting an IR signal by a few seconds.
Cannot keep up with rapidly pressed keys for Volume Up and Volume Down.


Smart, Wireless IR Remote 

YoLink’s Smart IR Blaster has an IR controlled range of 360° and 23-26 ft (7-8 M) in direction to your appliances.You can control multiple appliances in the room at the same time. Our IR Remote is a learning remote and IR blaster that works with 38KHz infrared-controlled electronics, such as most LED light strips and many aquarium lighting systems. The IR Remote "learns" the signals made by your IR remote, allowing you to control the lighting at any time from the app. 

It also allows for light scenes and schedules, controlled by automation, voice assistants*, one of our fobs or the original remote. 

For an example aquarium application, you can put tank lighting as well as pump/filter/power operation on a single schedule (YoLink smart plugs/power required). Gently ramp lights up/down over time, seamlessly integrate night lighting modes and provide your fish with the most natural environment. 

*Alexa and Google can not directly control the remote, but they can trigger Y scenes. Lighting actions (on, off, 50%, etc.) are placed in a YoLink scene, and Alexa/Google is called on to trigger the scene.

IR Blaster 

Technical Specs

Semtech® LoRa® RF Module YL09 microcontroller with 32-Bit RISC processor. Operating Humidity Range: 0 – 85% non-condensing

Operating Temperature Range: 32°F – 122°F (0°C – 50°C). 

Our smart IR blaster is intended for indoor usage. 

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Long Range LoRa For IR Remote Icon

2 AA batteries (3V DC)


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Multi-color status LED 


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Set Button


Smart IR Blaster Application Example with TV
Smart IR Blaster Compatibility with 38k infrared tech.
Smart IR Blaster Compatiblity with Ceiling Fan
Smart IR Blaster Application Example with Fan

Convenient Smart Applications 

Use the YoLink app to create personalized automation and scenes with your IR-controlled equipment and devices, for the ultimate in convenience

- Automatically turn off devices that have been left on too long, adding convenience and potential power-bill savings
- Create personalized scenes, for example, “movie night” which turns your TV, surround sound, and LED strip lights on, and turn overhead lights and table lamps off (YoLink smart plugs, Switch and In-Wall Outlet sold separately)
- Use the YoLink app to have your air conditioner unit turn on when you head home from work

-The YoLink Smart IR Remote learns the format of your existing remote, copying it into the system.

- Use the YoLink app to turn your smartphone into a universal remote.
- Add “smarts” to your non-smart IR-controlled devices, such as TVs, NVRs, DVD/Blu-Ray, and other media players, audio and audio/video home entertainment systems, receivers, game consoles, air conditioners, ceiling fans, LED strip lights, and many others.

-Use the YoLink app to create custom automation to turn your device off & on per your pre-defined schedule or criteria, and control your devices and equipment from anywhere at any time.

-Use the YoLink Smart IR Remote as an IR-extender, to control devices beyond the range of your infrared remote, even in out-buildings on your property/

-YoLink’s 1/4 mile industry-leading long range communication and low-power operation.
-IFTTT automation integration.

Sale Off
SpeakerHub - Hub with Speaker Plays Sounds and Your Text-to-Speech Custom Messages, LoRa-Powered ¼ Mile Range, WiFi Required - YoLink

Don’t forget your YoLink Hub

A YoLink Hub is required for full functionality, including for the app to work, and your hub is compatible with a growing family of smart products for home and business; starting your first YoLink system? Consider one of our Starter Kits!



  • YoLink Hub with an internet connection (wired Ethernet or 2.4GHz Wi-Fi). Refer to the Hub user guide for additional information
  • Smartphone or tablet running iOS 9 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher
  • Tools Required: None
  • Installation Difficulty Level: Very Easy

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What's in the Box

(1) YoLink Smart IR Remote (batteries included)

(1) Quick Start Guide

Please Note: 

The IR Remote is packaged with a quick start guide only. Please download the current Installation & User Guide

Why People Love our IR Remote 

Smart IR Remote

YoLink Smart IR Remote/IR Blaster, 38KHz Frequency IR Learning Remote Controller for TVs, BluRay/DVD Player, Home Entertainment/Audio, LED Strips, Air Conditioners, Fans, YoLink Hub Required.