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Predictive Maintenance

YoSmart’s products will evolve your company’s maintenance program to the next diagnostic level

Predictive maintenance is one of three leading maintenance strategies used by businesses, the others being reactive maintenance which fixes failures when they occur, and preventive maintenance which relies on a predefined maintenance schedule to identify faults.

Because predictive maintenance is proactive, it enhances preventive maintenance by providing continuous insights on the actual condition of the equipment rather than relying on the expected condition of the equipment based on a historical baseline. 

With predictive maintenance corrective maintenance is only carried out only when there is a need to do so, i.e., sensor detection, and so avoids incurring unnecessary maintenance costs and machine downtime.

Featured Sensors 

 By collecting data from YoLink sensors and providing the right information at the right time to the right people, through YoLink sensors and LoRa technology. Predictive maintenance save companies significant maintenance costs. You can install any YoSmart sensors, HUB & App for your Predictive Maintenance program. Contact us today for more information on our budget-friendly Predictive Maintenance solutions.

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Water Leak Sensor 4

Our water leak sensor senses maintenance issues like leaking water, water drips, and flooding, all of which can be monitored 24/7 from your PC or mobile App. Equipped with a low temperature sensor, the Yolink Water Leak Sensor not only detects leaks but also alerts you when the temperature drops to freezing levels, helping you prevent frozen pipes and potential damage during colder months.

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Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Hub Required!

Our sensor informs you of current temperature and humidity of critical equipment and rooms, and allows you to receive instant notifications of changes based on your personalized criteria. Receive email and smartphone banner alerts per your individual settings whenever a pre-set value is reached.

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Door Sensor, Indoor Door & Window Sensor, Hub Required

Our door sensor track activity in your business, alerting you instantly and protecting cabinets, safes, storage lockers & boxes, and also allows detection when building doors have been left partially open. 

Depending on the unique size and needs of a business, YoLink provides solution packages to businesses who are interested in sensors and more of YoLink's products for predictive maintenance. Contact YoLink for additional information about possible solution packages as well as Raedius (YoLink's business solution). 

Smart Building 

With Raedius, you can monitor, manage, and control your smart systems, including multiple buildings and sites, from a single user interface: your web browser on your PC – from anywhere at a time. With Raedius Web Console, facility managers can deploy YoLink smart wireless devices on a scale, schedule, and budget of their choice. 

Unlike traditional building automation and management systems, YoLink devices do not generally require any added wiring, and they avoid steep installation costs, along with the mess, inconvenience, and loss of access to facilities, typical during system retrofits, additions, or upgrades. infrastructure: installation of a YoLink system typically does not require the installation of any special power or communications infrastructure; typically, hubs are connected to existing WiFi and/or Ethernet sources. 

This is contrasted against even modern-day wireless competitor systems, which use cellular or older RF technology, which require multiple power supply locations, and boosters or repeaters. While replacing an existing BAS system entirely may not be practical, an added strength of YoLink products is the ability to start small and scale up over time, and add functions in future phases, etc... 

Raedius was designed to allow you to realize the full potential of your YoLink system by supporting any number of devices at any number of locations. Monitor device status, historical activity, and health. Configure automated responses to abnormal events and take advantage of advanced options to notify appropriate personnel and staff, as well as Management.

Email for more information about Raedius Web Console.

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