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YoLink Customer Product Reviews


" Much Needed Product for a Versatile System - Excellent for Multiple Use Scenarios"

Forge Ahead

February 16, 2022

The SpeakerHub announces when a sensor has been triggered. This has tremendous value when you are within hearing range of the hub and 1) cannot receive or see your phone for SMS or email notifications or 2) you are not a user of the YoLink App. For example, you have gate sensors on your property but it is night and your are asleep. The SpeakerHub would alert you to an intruder. It will speak the description of the sensor and optionally sound an alert tone. It can be repeated up to 3 times with a volume level you set. It can also be programmed to do this during a time window you set. Another occupant, e.g., your wife, a guest, your kids, etc., who don't have the App on their phone, would hear the alert. This could apply to a gate sensor or water leak sensor or any other YoSmart sensor.

I bought two if these for my home. I have one in my living room/kitchen area that is always enabled. The other is in my bedroom enabled on a schedule during sleeping hours.

I live on an acre with multiple entry gates. If someone is on my prop, especially during night hours, they are probably up to no good. I'd rather know before they can do harm.

BTW, to use two or more SpeakerHubs, you will need to program the "Automation" feature in the App. This is not difficult. YoSmart has a video tutorial for this. I recommend watching all the video tutorials that apply to you equipment and setting up everything in front of you before you install. Label the sensors so you can keep track of which is which.

YoSmart is the first company, after years of looking online, to offer an outdoor, waterproof, gate sensor with truly long-range wireless communication. Not only am I on 1 acre but my prop slopes downhill from my house. The gate sensors 150' away and down the hill communicate consistently with the YoLink Hub.

I use Energizer lithium batteries (2 AA) in the gate sensors because they don't leak and are much longer lasting than any alkaline AA battery.

The variety of sensors made by this company is extensive. Where I don't already have in-place sensors and Apps by other companies, I will now consolidate by using YoSmart sensors only. There are some YoSmart leak detection sensors in my future.

Products Reviewed: SpeakerHub