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YoLink Customer Product Reviews


"Everything you need just without Alexa!"


January 23, 2022

Working from home in the medical field I can't have anyone listening in and that would include Alexa.

My wife is a terminal cancer patient and we started getting YoSmart products because they just work. And I have been very happy with the confidence that they work for me. This past summer I had gotten my wife a Key Fob that has buttons labeled 1-4 on it. One of the buttons is RED. She has an attached strap around her neck so if she goes outside and does not feel good and needs my help she presses her Red button and My phone goes off. Well one time I did not notice my phone's notification. To solve this I configured Alexa (down the hall from my home office) to go off if she was to push it in the future. This way if I did not notice the alert on my phone I would here Alexa go off and I would go Running. But I have moved my home office in the basement. And I can't have an Alexa with me. So the Solution? YoLink Speaker Hub to the rescue! That's right I have now configured it so when my wife presses her button not only does Alexa go off up stairs (if I am up their) but also the SpeakerHub (next to me in the basement) goes off and tells me "Emergency button pressed". And I can drop and run to find out what is going on. And HIPAA? No problem their is no mic on the SpeakerHub so no eves dropping! Thanks yet again YoSmart for another fantastic product.

One more thing. I know some have had issues getting the Speaker Hub to connect to 2.4Ghz wifi well this can be a challenge for any device like this and is why I did not dock the star rating. I have had connection issues with many different 2.4Ghz wifi home automation devices that this is not a new issue. How I did it (if you can) was to temporarily disable 5Ghz on your wireless router. Then connect the speaker hub, and turn back on 5Ghz mode that should do the trick if are able to on your Router. Once it is connected it just works!

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