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Sensor Cable

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  • Add-on accessory for YoLink Water Leak Sensor 2 (YS7904-UC, sold separately)
  • The Sensor Cable detects water along the length of the cable, while the Water Sensor Probe detects water only at the probe at the end of the cable
  • The Sensor Cable can be used for both detection modes, but it is ideal for water leak detection mode, while the Water Sensor Probe is ideal for water level detection mode
  • Length: 4.2 feet (1.2 meters), can be extended to 10 feet


  • Add-on accessory sensor for Water Leak Sensors which use a 3.5mm connector
  • This 4.2 feet add-on Rope Sensor can be linked with multiple Rope Sensors to extend the detection area of the base unit up to 10 feet
  • When used with the Water Leak Sensor 2 (YS7904-UC sold separately), at the first signs of leaks, the YoLink Water Leak Sensor 2 can alert your smartphone and sound an alarm
  • For more information and uses visit the YoLink Water Sensors page 



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