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X3 Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor


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Frequently-Asked Questions

How do I set the high and low temperature and humidity ranges outside of which I would get a notification?

To set up temperature and humidity ranges for notification on the YoLink app, follow these steps:

1. Open the YoLink app and select the sensor device you want to set up.

2. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner to access the Details screen.

3. Tap Alert to go to the alert screen.

4. Set up the desired alert range for temperature and humidity (tap the pencil icon to set up the temp range easily).

5. Make sure the related strategy is enabled for app/email/SMS notification. To check the strategy settings, tap "View your alarm strategies" and select the related strategy.

6. Verify that YoLink app notifications are allowed in your phone settings, your email address is verified to receive email notifications, and your phone number is added to receive text message notifications. You can check your email and phone number settings in the YoLink app by tapping Menu (upper left) -> Settings -> Account.

Once you have set up the desired temperature and humidity ranges and notification settings, you will receive alerts if the sensor detects values outside of the specified range.

I recently set up the temperature and humidity sensor, but for the last couple of hours, I have not received any readings. The chart drops to 0 degrees. Why am I missing readings?

Please check if your YoLink hub is online during that time. It might be possible that the hub is offline, and as a result, the data is not being reported to the server. The YS8006 X3 temperature and humidity sensor can save offline data and report it to the server when the device is back online.

What are the expected battery durations for the Yolink X3 Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor (YS8015)

The X3 Outdoor Temperature and humidity Sensor has a five-year battery life under normal conditions.

 I have the hub already set up and online. I added a temperature sensor but it is showing offline.

 Once you set up the network for your YoLink hub, please press the "set" button on the temperature sensor to activate your temperature sensor.

The X3 Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor (YS8015) is noted for its slower reading speed when detecting temperature and humidity levels in the environment. Is there a method to enhance its sensitivity?

I need to replace the batteries in my YoLink thermometers. When they die, and I replace the battery, they never come back on again. How do I fix this?

 Please try the following steps:

Remove the old batteries.

Press the button several times to discharge any capacitors.

Install brand new non-rechargeable batteries.

If this doesn't work, please contact YoLink support for further assistance.

 Is it possible to set a specific temperature for YoLink temperature and humidity sensors to trigger an alert?

 In the YoLink App, you can set up alert ranges for temperature and humidity sensors, but you cannot set a specific temperature for the sensors to trigger an alert. Once you have set up the alert range, the app will notify you when the temperature or humidity is outside of the range you have set.

For YS8015, the recording interval is set to 5 minutes. However, the app displays temperature readings taken 24 minutes ago. Why is that?

When the device doesn't detect sudden or unusual temperature changes, especially in an environment with consistent temperatures, it gathers temperature data every five minutes. This data is then consolidated and reported uniformly at the set reporting interval. Typically, six sampled data points are merged and sent to the cloud. Users can track temperature trends over time using the temperature history data.

 How can I calibrate a YoLink temperature sensor?

If you believe that your YoLink temperature sensor is not very accurate, you can try calibrating it by comparing its readings to those of another accurate temperature-measuring device. However, it is difficult to determine which device is absolutely accurate. YoLink sensors are calibrated at the factory and are guaranteed to be accurate, they use SENSIRION chips.

What causes the Yolink temperature and humidity sensors (YS8003 and YS8015) to exhibit variations from other temperature and humidity sensors?

YoLink temperature and humidity sensor utilizes SENSIRION humidity and temperature sensor chips (SHTC3), which undergo full calibration at the factory. Consequently, the temperature sensor boasts an accuracy within 0.3 degrees Celsius, while the humidity sensor's accuracy exceeds 3%.

Can the device work on Alexa?

Yes, the YoLink YS8003 temperature humidity sensor can be used with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can link your YoLink account to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant account to enable voice control. However, the sensor will not be able to be used for Alexa routine. Users can only ask for the sensor’s value through the voice control.

Why does Alexa recognize the temperature and humidity sensor (YS8015) as a motion sensor?

Due to Alexa's limited API support for various smart home devices, such as temperature sensors, leak sensors, and fobs, it currently does not offer direct routines for many device types. However, at YoLink, we are committed to ensuring our products are as compatible as possible with Alexa routines, enabling our customers to integrate YoLink devices with their existing smart home ecosystem.

To achieve this, we have configured the YoLink leak sensor to function as a contact sensor, the temperature sensor to mimic a motion sensor's behavior, and the Flex Fob to act similarly within Alexa routines. This approach allows us to utilize Alexa's support for door and motion sensors to simulate the functionality of YoLink's leak sensors, temperature sensors, Flex Fob, and almost all other YoLink devices.

Alexa only displays the temperature and not humidity. Additionally, it is not showing up as a trigger when setting up a routine. What should I do?

Unfortunately, the YoLink Temperature & Humidity Sensor is not currently supported to create routines in Alexa, and Alexa only displays the temperature reading from the sensor, not the humidity reading. Only the Echo's built-in temperature sensor supports routines.

If you want to use the sensor with routines, you can consider using IFTTT. IFTTT supports the Temperature & Humidity Sensor as a trigger action in routines. You can create an applet in IFTTT that triggers an action when the sensor detects a certain temperature or humidity range.

To get voice announcements from Alexa when the sensor alerts, you can use the VoiceMonkey skill. Here are the steps to set it up:

Enable the VoiceMonkey Skill in Alexa.

Sign in to the VoiceMonkey website using your Amazon Alexa account.

On the Manage Monkeys Page, add a monkey and name it as "Sunroom Monkey."

Create an applet on IFTTT app: if this - YoLink - THS - complete trigger fields, then that - Alexa Voice Monkey - choose Trigger Monkey(Routine) - select "Sunroom Monkey."

Set up a routine on Alexa, choose Smart Home, select "Sunroom Monkey," and add action.

What are some available Alexa commands for YoLink sensors?

One example of an Alexa command for YoLink sensors is to edit the name of the sensor in the Alexa app and then ask Alexa about the temperature. For instance, if you rename a sensor to "Pool" in the Alexa app, you can then ask Alexa, "Echo, what is the Pool temperature?" to receive the temperature reading from that sensor.

 How can I change the temperature unit on Google Home from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa?

To change the temperature unit on Google Home, follow these steps:

1. On the Google Home screen, tap "Settings".

2. Tap "Google Assistant".

3. Tap "Manage all assistant settings".

4. Scroll down to "Weather" and tap it.

5. Choose the temperature unit you prefer, either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

How to change the temperature unit for the sensor?

Please short-press the “Set” button on the back of the sensor to change the temperature unit.

I cannot connect IFTTT to temperature sensor. It does not show on device choices. Please advise.

Please update the YoLink app and the IFTTT to the newest version just in case. Please re-link your YoLink account to IFTTT and sync the device. (choose the T&H sensor list). Then go to create the applet to try again.

 I have a thermometer that doesn't seem to be working. When I shake it, I hear a rattling noise. What should I do?

First, try pressing the button to see if the thermometer screen will light up or not. If it doesn't, open the battery cover and replace the battery. The rattling noise could be the sound of the thermometer's antenna resonating, which is normal and won't affect its performance. However, it could also be a sign of hardware failure. If replacing the battery doesn't solve the problem, please contact YoLink Customer Support for further assistance.

How do I refresh the data?

To refresh the data for the YoLink YS8003 temperature humidity sensor, you can either manually refresh it by pressing the "Set" button on the back of the sensor or wait for it to refresh automatically. The sensor data will be automatically refreshed in the following situations:

The SET button has been pressed.

At least 0.9°F (0.5°C) change over a period longer than 1 minute.

At least 3.6°F (2°C) change within 1 minute.

At least 5% change over a period longer than 1 minute.

Device alert level reached or restored to normal range.

The data will be refreshed automatically once an hour.

If you want to manually refresh the data, simply press the "Set" button on the back of the sensor, and the data will be updated immediately in the YoLink app.

Why is there no log data available in the YoLink app?

If you are referring to the lack of log data in the app's History section, this is because the History tab only displays high/low temperature/humidity alerts. However, if you need access to more detailed sensor logs, you can tap the "More" button in the app to download a chart of the sensor data.

How do I download my history data?

Please go to the temperature sensor page -> Please click "more"-> set the time period "weekly, daily, years"-> and click export to download the data from the YoLink app. After that, please send the file to your email after downloading the file to your phone.

How do I factory reset the temperature sensor?

 Factory reset will erase all of your settings and restore it to factory defaults. After the factory reset, your device will remain in your Yolink account. Please hold the SET button for 20-23 seconds until the status light blinks red and green alternately, then, release the button (Hold the SET button longer than 23 seconds will ABORT the factory reset operation). Factory reset will be complete when the status light stops blinking.

How do I troubleshoot connection issues with my temperature sensor?

If you experience connection issues with your temperature sensor, try the following steps:

a. Ensure that your YoLink Hub is connected to the internet and powered on.

b. Check the distance between the temperature sensor and the YoLink Hub, and move them closer if necessary.

c. Replace the batteries in the temperature sensor if they are low.

d. Restart the YoLink Hub by unplugging it, waiting for 30 seconds, and plugging it back in. e. If the problem persists, contact YoLink Customer Support.

I positioned the temperature sensor inside the freezer. What causes it to register an unusual temperature spike at a specific time each day?

It's important to acknowledge that some freezers may undergo brief temperature variations as part of their regular functioning, leading to occasional alerts. This phenomenon appears to coincide with the defrost cycle of the freezer.

 Is it normal for the temperature in a freezer to fluctuate by 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit in either direction?

Yes, it is normal for the temperature in a freezer to fluctuate by up to 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit in either direction. This is because the environment inside the freezer is not constant, and factors such as the frequency of opening the door, the amount of food stored inside, and the freezer's defrost cycle can all affect the temperature. Please set the appropriate alert range to avoid the false alarms.

What is the recommended solution for monitoring the temperature and humidity of refrigerators and freezers?

To monitor the temperature and humidity of refrigerators and freezers, you can use the YS8003-UC indoor temperature and humidity sensor for the refrigerators, and the YS8005-UC outdoor temperature and humidity sensor for the freezers.

Will the battery life of alkaline batteries be significantly reduced if stored in a refrigerator (not the freezer)?

Yes, the battery life of alkaline batteries will be significantly reduced if stored in an environment below 32°F (0°C). However, if stored above 32°F, the reduction in battery life will not be as significant.

I placed my YoLink Temperature & Humidity Sensor in the freezer for about two hours, but when I checked it, the display was not working. What should I do?

When the YoLink Temperature & Humidity Sensor is exposed to drastic temperature changes, such as going from a high temperature to sub-zero or from a low temperature to high temperature, it may produce water vapor and cause a short circuit in the circuit, resulting in an abnormal display. However, the device itself is likely still functional and can be restored in a few hours. To expedite the restoration process, you can wrap the Temperature & Humidity Sensor with plastic wrap and place it back in the freezer.

One of my YoLink devices is constantly reporting a low temperature in the freezer, even though I don't care how cold it is. How can I stop receiving these alerts?

You can go to YoLink App->Sensor screen->Device Details screen->Alert to swipe to left to set up unlimited low-temperature alert, then you won't receive low temp alert.