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Frequently-Asked Questions

What is a Motion Sensor (YS7804)? 

A Motion Sensor is a device that can detect motion in an area and trigger actions by other devices based on the presence or absence of motion.

What kind of actions can the YS7804 Motion Sensor trigger?

A Motion Sensor can trigger actions such as turning on a light, activating a siren, and sending notifications to a smartphone. These actions can be configured in the app settings.

Can I disarm the sensors when I am at home?

Yes, you can disable the motion sensors when you are at home. You can set the alarm strategy to "disabled" in the device details screen or set the "Do Not Disturb" mode in the alarm strategy settings. Additionally, you can create a home scene to control your alarm strategies for your motion sensors. First, set an alarm strategy for your motion sensors, then add smart scenes to enable or disable the alarm strategies or adjust advanced settings to your alarm strategies.

Does the YoLink Motion Sensor work on high ceilings?

Yes, the YoLink Motion Sensor is designed to work on high ceilings. The recommended installation height for the sensor when installed on the ceiling is between 3-4 meters.

 I am having trouble adjusting the sensitivity of my YoLink Motion Sensor. What should I do?

Please contact YoLink Customer Support for assistance, they may need to update the firmware of your device before you can adjust the sensitivity settings.

Can the YoLink Motion Sensor detect changes in light?

No, YoLink Motion Sensor cannot detect changes in light. It uses PIR (Passive Infrared) technology to detect human movement within its field of view.

My YoLink Motion Sensor is not making any sounds when motion is detected. What should I do?

 YoLink Motion Sensor itself does not have a built-in alarm to make sounds when motion is detected. It sends push notifications to your smartphone. The sound notification pushed by the app is consistent with the mobile phone system. Please check the sound settings on your phone to ensure they are turned on.

If you want to receive voice announcements, you can use YoLink Motion Sensor with Alexa and create routines to receive voice announcements. Alternatively, you can consider purchasing a YoLink Siren Alarm or a Speakerhub, either of which would allow for sound notifications. 

In relation to Alexa, what does "no motion" mean for YoLink Motion Sensor?

YoLink Motion Sensor supports choosing "Motion" and "No Motion" status in the Alexa app. To set this up, please confirm that you can set the "Time to enter No-Motion state" in the YoLink app. If this option is not available, please update the firmware of the device.

Please note that the "Time to enter No-Motion state" needs to be in addition to the "No Motion time" set in the Alexa app. For example, if you set the "Time to enter No-Motion state" to 3 minutes in the YoLink app, and in the Alexa app, you choose when the Motion Sensor detects no motion for 5 minutes, the total reaction time will be 8 minutes. This is because the YoLink app will send data to the cloud when the No-Motion State is over 3 minutes, and then Alexa will use this time as the start.

Does YoLink Motion Sensor work with Google Assistant?

No, YoLink Motion Sensor does not work with Google Assistant at this time. However, YoLink Motion Sensor is compatible with Alexa and IFTTT.

Can the YoLink Motion Sensor be used outdoors?

If you are looking for an outdoor motion sensor, please take a look at our Outdoor Motion Sensor YS7805 made for this purpose. The YoLink Motion Sensor (YS7804) is not weatherproof or waterproof and is designed for indoor use only. Using it outdoors may result in damage to the device and could affect its performance.

Can high sensitivity mode cause false detections?

In some environments, high sensitivity mode may cause false detections. If you receive a false detection alert, please switch to the low sensitivity mode.

Does the low sensitivity mode have a shorter range?

Yes, the low sensitivity mode of the YoLink Motion Sensor has a shorter range.

How long does it take for sensitivity changes to take effect?

If you change the level of sensitivity of your YoLink Motion Sensor, it will take effect during the next event of motion sensor detection or the next heartbeat signal of the sensor, which may take up to 4 hours. However, if you press the set button once, the changes will take effect immediately.

Do you provide a metal plate accessory for the YoLink Motion Sensor?

Yes, we provide a metal plate with a 3M sticker that can be used with the YoLink Motion Sensor.

How can I set up a YoLink App automation for a plug to turn on lights when motion is detected and turn off after a delay when no motion is detected using YoLink Motion Sensor?

To set up this automation, follow these steps:

1.Open the YoLink app and go to Smart > Automation Setting.

2.Create a new automation with the following settings:

When: Device Actions > Motion Sensor > Motion Detected

Then: Add Behavior > Device Actions > Plug > Turn On

3.Create another automation with the following settings:

When: Device Actions > Motion Sensor > No Motion Detected

Then: Add Behavior > Device Actions > Plug > Delay Off

4.On your device details screen (tap the three dots in the upper right corner), set up "alert hold" and "time to enter no motion state" according to your preferences.

These automations will turn on the plug when motion is detected and turn it off after a delay when no motion is detected.

What does “alert hold” mean?

The "alert hold" feature on the YoLink Motion Sensor is designed to prevent repeated notifications from being sent when motion is detected multiple times within a certain period of time. When the sensor detects motion, it will not send another notification or record history if another motion is detected during the "alert hold" period. The length of this period can be customized by the user in the device details screen. Once the "alert hold" period has passed, the sensor will send a notification again when motion is detected. The "alert hold" feature helps to reduce unnecessary notifications and conserve battery life on the device.

What is the "time to enter no motion state" on the YoLink Motion Sensor details page? 

The "time to enter no motion state" function on the YoLink Motion Sensor is used in automation settings to turn off a device when no motion is detected for a certain period of time. For example, if the sensor detects no motion for the duration set in "time to enter no motion," the automation setting will trigger the device to turn off.

My YoLink Motion Sensor is constantly showing "motion detected." What should I do?

If your YoLink Motion Sensor is constantly showing "motion detected," it may be due to the "time to enter no motion state" set to disabled. Please set the "time to enter no motion state" to at least 1 minute in the device details screen.

 Can YoLink Motion Sensors be affected by extremely high or low ambient temperatures? Is it more sensitive in cold weather than hot weather?

YoLink Motion Sensors use a pair of pyroelectric sensors to detect heat energy in the surrounding environment. These two sensors sit beside each other, and when the signal differential between them changes (for example, if a person enters the room), the sensor will engage. The sensor's performance may be affected if the surrounding environment is close to the human body temperature, causing the detection range to be shorter.

I am unable to use YoLink motion sensor "not detected motion" with Alexa routines. What should I do?

To use YoLink motion sensor "not detected motion" with Alexa routines, you need to first set the "time to enter no-motion state" to at least 1 minute in the YoLink app's device details screen. After setting this up, you can create an Alexa routine using the trigger "when motion sensor - no motion detected" and add an action to it accordingly. This will enable you to use the "not detected motion" feature of the YoLink motion sensor with Alexa routines.

What is the motion sensing distance range of the YoLink YS7804-UC motion sensor?

The detection range of the YoLink YS7804-UC motion sensor depends on its mounting position. For ceiling-mounted sensors, the detection range is 3-4 feet when people walk straight towards the sensor and 4-8 feet when walking across the sensor, assuming an environment temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit. For wall-mounted sensors, please refer to the manual for specific information on detection range.

My indoor YoLink motion detector does not seem to be working properly and does not detect motion unless physically moved or sensor is touched. What should I do?

If your YoLink motion detector is not working properly, please try rotating the sensor to make the logo side horizontal. If the issue still persists, please contact YoLink customer support and provide them with the device EUI, your purchase invoice, and your shipping address. They will be able to send you a new replacement. Please note that the motion sensor has an "alert hold" feature, which may cause it not to detect motion for a period of time after the first detection.

When trying to update the firmware on my motion sensor, it stops and freezes up at 0.02% complete. What should I do?

If your motion sensor update failed, try removing the batteries and pressing the set button several times. Then, reinstall the batteries and try updating the firmware again. This should help resolve the issue.

If I have dogs or other pets, will the YoLink motion sensor be able to detect their movements in the space?

 The YoLink motion sensor detects motion by sensing temperature changes (close to human beings) in the surrounding environment. While it can detect the motion of animals, they are not the primary target. If you are concerned about false alarms caused by your dogs, you can use insulation tape to block half of the detection range (for wall-mounted sensors) and test the sensor's performance in your specific environment.

What is the maximum number of Responders I can pair with a YoLink Motion Sensor?

With YoLink Control, there is no strict limit to the number of Responders you can pair with Motion Sensor. However, for optimal performance, we recommend linking up to 128 devices.