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Frequently-Asked Questions

If I have only two wires connected to my existing in-wall switch, which Yolink In-Wall Switch should I buy?

The Yolink FlexSwitch (5709) is an ideal choice for replacing your existing in-wall switch.

I have no neutral wire, will the FlexSwitch work?

Yes, install the FlexSwitch with ease, as it eliminates the need for a neutral wire and can be battery powered with 2 AA batteries. 

If there is a power outage and the power is restored, will the Switch automatically turn back on?

You can customize the power-on behavior in the YoLink app. Go to the Device screen, tap the three dots in the upper right corner to access the Device Details screen, and select "Power on status." From there, you can set the switch to turn back on to its previous state (last state), turn all on, or turn all off.