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FlowSmart All-In-One Ultrasonic Water Meter


Product Support



What are the flow rates for the FlowSmart All-in-One (YS5008) at different sizes? 

At .5 inches the FlowSmart All-In-One Ultrasonic Water Meter flow rate is 2.5 cubic meters per hour; at .75 inches, its 4 cubic meters per hour; and at 1 inches, its 6.3 cubic meters per hour.

How frequently are the data sets for 'Today' and 'This Month' refreshed?

They are refreshed every hour at most and the 'Today' dataset is updated real-time. 

Why does my daily water consumption shown seem to differ from the consumption displayed on the bar graph?

This discrepancy may occur if your device was disconnected from the hub at some point. When this happens, the hourly data on the bar graph is not recorded, though the water consumption is still tracked locally on the device. Once the connection is restored, the total water consumption is updated, but the hourly consumption data remains missing. 

What is the tolerance scope of the FlowSmart All-in-One YS5008?

At low flow rates, the error is ±3%. At high flow rates, the error is ±1.5%.

Is the FlowSmart All-in-One (YS5008) lead-free?

Yes, it is made of stainless steel and is lead-free.