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Gift the gift of smart tech, of convenience, safety and savings, and get a $20 rebate when you give a gift of YoLink products and introduce your client/customer or coworker, your relative, friend, neighbor, or your friend's neighbor (anyone!) to the benefits of a YoLink system in their home or business!

Help them protect their home from devastating water leaks, or protect the food in their fridge and freezer from a surprise and expensive loss. Help them make their home or business a little smarter when they add motion-controlled lighting, or a little safer with door and motion sensors and smart locks!

Are you new to YoLink? Purchase your first YoLink system and you can also get a $20 rebate!

Give Smart / Get Smart Rebate Rules

1. The Give Smart / Get Smart rebate is for new YoLink customers or for those giving a gift of YoLink products to a new YoLink customer. 

2. All purchases must be made on this website, on or after 12/7/2022. Rebate is not available for purchases made prior to 12/7/2022 or placed on other sites.

3. Purchases must be made prior to 1/1/2023.

3. Minimum $70 purchase, and a Hub or SpeakerHub must be included in the purchase.

4. The rebate form below must be completely filled out and submitted prior to 1/11/2023.

5. Allow up to 1 to 2 weeks for rebate processing. A $20 refund will be issued to your purchase, after validation. 

6. This rebate is limited to new customers or for individuals making a purchase as a gift for a new YoLink customer. YoLink reserves the right to reject rebate applications that are incomplete or with information that can not be verified, or in the event of fraudulent claims (such as duplicate rebate applications, duplicate customer accounts, or multiple accounts in the same household, same Family/Home account, etc). 

7. The rebate is limited to non-commercial purchases.

For questions about this rebate, please use the chat service on this page. 

Give Smart / Get Smart Rebate form

4-Digit Order Number:

New Customer's Name:

New Customer's Username:

New Customer's Email:

Your Username (If giving this as a gift):

Your Email (if giving this as a gift):

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