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Question:Is there some kind of notification for the battery life of leak sensor, door sensor?

Answer:Yes, there are notifications of battery for YoLink Smart Water Leak Sensor and YoLink Smart Door & Window Sensor. Every time you get alert notification of leak sensor and door sensor, the battery information included. Also press device to enter device page on YoLink app, there you will find the status of the battery. All the YoLink battery powered devices have the battery status on the App and it will notify you when the battery is low. see less

Question:Will it work with other smart devices, like Wifi, ZigBee?

Answer:Sorry, it does not work with other smart devices at present. It only supports YoLink Smart Home Devices.

Question:LoRa is widely used in industrial IoT system, why do you choose it in smart home?

Answer:From years of Smart Home Experience, we choose LoRa as our wireless solution. LoRa features with key advantages of long range, easy maintain (transparent hub), flexibility and reliability. LoRa’s Micro-ampere standby power consumption allows one battery working for more than 5 years, perfect for battery-powered devices.
Those can make it by far one of the best solutions for smart home and community. see less

Question:How long does the water leak sensor and door sensor last?

Answer:YoLink Door Sensor are powered by 2 AAA batteries, so do the YoLink Water Leak Sensor. Based on very low power consumption on YoLink products, both sensors last more than 5 years in normal use. You don't need to replace the battery frequently as others. Also YoLink app will tell you the status of the Battery.

Question:Will this work with Smartthings?

Answer:No, YoLink Smart Hub is made only for YoLink smart home system; it is the only protocol works for super long range and lower power on the market, so other manufacturer's products will not be able to connect.

Question:Is the water sensor on the bottom of the device too? Or it’s only the top?

Answer:YoLink Water Leak Sensor can detect leaks from both the bottom and the top of the device. There are three set of probes on YoLink Water Leak Sensor, one on top, the other two on bottom.

Question:Can door sensor connected to the hub be used to activate a light connected to the same wifi network but not the hub?

Answer:Sorry, no.
YoLink is a independent system. YoLink Hub will connect all YoLink Smart Home Device into YoLink APP and YoLink Cloud. YoLink Sensor will only activate YoLink Devices connected to YoLink Hub. This YoLink Smart Home Starter Kit includes a YoLink Plug Mini. You can use the YoLink Plug Mini to control your lamp. So that YoLink Door Sensor can be used to activate the light lamp on YoLink Plug Mini. see less

Question:Will this system only alert you via smartphone or will it chime in house to alert you in case your phone is dead?

Answer:YoLink Smart Door Sensor itself can't sound, you can only get alert via smartphone now. It can send the a message to YoLink Siren which has very loud sound, the device will release soon.

Question:Is there any way to use the water leak sensor without buying an hub? I have Amazon Echo, would that work?

Answer:Sorry, no. YoLink Hub is required to set up YoLink Smart Water Leak Sensor.
You can order YoLink Smart Hub from the link
or you can order our Smart Home Security Start kit which includes this Smart Leak Sensor, Link:

Question:I have one room that is long at 9m was wondering what range can the motion sensor detect motion?

Answer:The detection diameter of YoLink Smart Motion Sensor is 6-8m. You can install it in the middle of your room.
About how to use YoLink Motion Sensor, please refer to youtube guide

Question:Is there an audible water leak alarm without using the app? Onboard alarm?

Answer:1. For the waterproof function of the product, we do not have a sound function for YoLink Smart Water Leak Sensor;
2. We will release a YoLink Siren soon which can connect multiple YoLink water leak sensors and other YoLink safety devices, with long distance coverage and alarm even without network connection;
3. Because of the long coverage distance of YoLink products, even if there is sound in the sensors, we still can't hear it, Alerting user's Smart Phone is more important. What's more, our YoLink Siren is even more comprehensive.
4. Reduce its own sound function, which can be waterproof and lower power consumption. The battery life of YoLink Water Leak Sensor can last for more than 5 years. see less

Question:In a rural area I need a door sensor capable to reach 1000'. Is this sensor adequate?

Answer:In the open-air distance without anything block, we tested all our sensors can communicate to the gateway more than 300 meters, it is enough to reach 1000 feet. But if there are walls between the sensors and the gateway, it will affect the RF signal and reduce the distance of the coverage. Inside the building, we tested the door sensors, it can reach more than 300 feet. The good things of the YoLink system is, you can add gateway to increase the coverage area, the sensors don’t need to link to any gateway, there are bound to your account to the cloud through transparent gateways. If you have huge building or area need install a smart building system, you can put a few more gateways and install any number of sensors you want. see less