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X3 Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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Always happy with YoLink products. Fast shipping and great products.

Quality Product

Easy setup and accurate sensors

Dave Mangano
Outside temperature and humidity sensor.

This sensor is accurate, has long range and very stable. It also measures dew point. As an HVAC engineer, I always measure dew point rather than relative humidity. Dew pong is absolute while humity is relative to temperature. The point is that this product works well.

Kevin Jensen
X3 Outdoor Thermometer & Humidity device is a must.

X3 Outdoor Thermometer & Humidity device is a must for controlling my automated YoLink ventilation system.
I highly recommend ALL of the YoLink devices. (I'm using over 40.)

  • Monitor & Manage Temperature & Humidity Remotely: using the free, no subscription-required and user-friendly YoLink app, you will know the temperature and humidity at a glance, whether you are in the other room or on the other side of the world.
  • Be Informed of Abnormal Conditions: receive smartphone push notifications, email, SMS notifications when a condition you have set previously is met. Additional notifications and central station monitoring service are optional upgrades.
  • Commercial Grade Accuracy and Environmental Range: designed with home and business applications in mind, precision components are utilized, to provide the accuracy you demand. Temperature acccuracy of ±0.54℉ and humidity accuracy of ±3% RH and extended operating range of -22° to 158° F.
  • IFTTT & Alexa Integration: trigger IFTTT applets based on high or low temperature set points reached (when device alerts). Voice query Alexa for the temperature (only; humidity not supported at this time). Triggering Alexa routines is not supported at this time.
  • Long-lasting Performance: X3 Temperature Humidity Sensor features an exceptional 5-year battery life, guaranteeing uninterrupted and dependable monitoring of temperature and humidity levels over an extended period without the need for frequent battery changes.
  • Offline Data Logging: The X3 Thermometer Hygrometer comes equipped with an innovative offline data logger, allowing you to capture and store temperature and humidity information even when not connected to a hub. Retrieve and review the recorded data conveniently whenever your device is back online.
  • YoLink Hub is REQUIRED! This device will not operate without a Hub, not included.