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X3 Outdoor Temperature Sensor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Andre Milette
Perfect for my aquariums

Perfect for my aquariums. I can see the temperature and set hi and low alarms

Gregory Rhinier
Temperature Sensors

Very impressed with the sensors and how the app works with them

Philip Bullock

Absolutely love the products. The app interface is amazing. The devices just works, they don’t need really any babysitting.

Mike Mathis
Great Monitor

Used to monitor my swimming pool temperature. Perfect device for doing so!

YoLink Smart X3 Outdoor Temperature data logger with Probe, Thermometer, 1/4 Mile Long Range, 5+ Years Battery Life, Emails, Text/SMS, App Alerts, Alexa, IFTTT. 
  • YoLink Hub is REQUIRED! This device will not operate without a Hub. 
  • VERY VERSATILE: many applications, including pool/hot tub & fish tank water, wood boiler, fridge and deep freezer, livestock water trough, milk, beer, wine, water, steam and pipe temperature monitoring. Additional uses include composting, HVAC/heating/cooling/ventilation management (YoLink smart plugs and switches purchased separately).
  • KNOW NOW: be informed immediately of off-normal conditions when you easily set up one or more optional notification methods, including SMS*, phone push notifications, emails, siren and/or SpeakerHub audible notifications for your home or business. *Each YoLink app account receives 5 free SMS per month per device plus five. Additional 200 or 500 SMS are available for 2 and 5 dollars per month, respectively. There are no required subscriptions and the app is always free.
  • Long-lasting Performance: X3 Temperature Sensor features an exceptional 5-year battery life, guaranteeing uninterrupted and dependable monitoring of temperature levels over an extended period without the need for frequent battery changes.
  • Offline Data Logging: The X3 Thermometer comes equipped with an innovative offline data logger, allowing you to capture and store temperature information even when not connected to a hub. Retrieve and review the recorded data conveniently whenever your device is back online.