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YoLink Door Sensor Application Focus: Smart Fridge

This is actually one of the more under-rated applications for a Door Sensor, and it's actually just a component of the "Smart Fridge" (see video links below).
Ok, let me just say, if you have kids... if you have kids under the age of, I'm not sure it it's 23 or 25... but if you have kids that are old enough to open a fridge or freezer door, you need to put door sensors on it.
Here are some benefits:
Keep an eye on fridge activity (trying to help a midnight snacker?)
Be alerted to a door left open too long (save hundreds of dollars when you do NOT have to replace most the items in your fridge and everything in the freezer).
Check out how our temperature, humidity and water leak sensors can be used to complete your smart fridge.


  • Posted by frank engelman on

    For those of you worried about elderly parents, here is a “Fridge Minder” article

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