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Yolink’s Smart Water Leak Sensors:

We understand how bothersome water leaks can be; they can stem from many issues, including faulty seals, clogged pipes, weak connections, and strong water pressure. But we've got you covered!


Yolink's Smart Water Leak Sensors monitor the status of water and report it via the YoLink app. They are wireless and portable and can be used anywhere there is a chance of flooding, moisture, etc., commercially and domestically, even in large or difficult-to-access spaces such as basements or outside buildings. Our sensor's long-range communication makes it possible for them to function anywhere!


But that isn't even the best part! Yolink's sensors do not require an internet connection or power supply and allow Alexa voice assistant and IFTTT integration. They are battery-powered; two standard alkaline AAA batteries are included in the package. Additionally, they have:

  • 32-Bit RISC microcontroller
  • Dimensions: L= 2.44 ins / W= 2.44 ins / D= 0.80 ins
  • A 4.2 feet Cable Sensor that can be stretched up to 10 feet

However, there are specific technical specifications one needs to be careful about. Use of this device outside the recommended ranges, as shown below,  will be at one’s own risk.

  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 °C – 50 °C (32 °F – 122 °F)
  • Operating Humidity Range: ≤95%RH non-condensing
  • Intended for indoor use only


Yolink’s Smart Water Leak Sensors

Yolink offers two versions of Smart Water Sensors, which can detect even the smallest leaks or rise in humidity. Following is the comparison of features of both our products.





Smart Water Leak Sensor 1

Smart Water Leak Sensor 2


Sensor 1 tracks the presence of water using the water leak detection mode.




Sensor 2 identifies the presence or absence of water using the water level detection and water leak detection modes.




It sends a notification to the Yolink app and sounds an alarm, using the built-in siren, in the occurrence of a leak.



It sends a notification to the Yolink app in case of a leak.


The robust IP68-rated waterproof housing has integral self-sufficient water-sensing probes on the top and bottom.


The remote probe allows for flexible placement, whereas a wired remote sensor can be installed in confined areas.


Unlike other brands, which only provide a year's worth of battery life, LoRa's long-range/low-power technology gives 5+ years.




Unlike other brands, which only provide a year's worth of battery life, LoRa long-range/low-power technology gives 2+ years.


YoLink Control device-to-device pairing enables the Water Leak Sensor to directly control other YoLink devices without Wi-Fi.


YoLink Control enables WLS2 to directly control YoLink Gas/Water Valve Controller, Siren Alarm, and other YoLink devices such as outlets/plugs and controlled lights without Wi-Fi.


*We also offer a Water Level Monitoring Sensor, which, to put it simply, is the Water Leak Sensor 2 (WLS2) with different settings in the application. The app's integral sounder can be turned off (using the set button or automation). Along with the WLS 2 cable, it also has a probe cable, which can be stretched up to 55 feet with suitable splicing and insulation on wire no thinner than 24 gauge.

Why are Yolink’s Smart Water Leak Sensors worth it?

  • You can create custom automation using the YoLink app to trigger responses from other YoLink devices, such as the Siren Alarm.
  • Its compact design allows for placing the sensor where others may not fit.
  • It is portable and can be moved to other locations as needed.
  • Low-power operation means batteries may last over five years, compared to 1 or less from other brands.
  • Low-battery alerts warn when it is almost time to replace the batteries.
  • Uses standard alkaline batteries (2 AAA batteries); no Lithium or special batteries are required.
  • They work with the convenient and user-friendly YoLink app.
  • They ensure a reliable water supply and that water being paid for is not being wasted.
  • Less time-consuming and costly compared to calling a team of professionals to find the leak or if the problem wasn't detected before it got out of hand.
  • They can prevent significant issues such as damage to a home's foundation, increased moisture within the structure, and mold growth and other infestation.
  • They keep users aware of overlooked places in their home.


Applications of Water Leak Sensors:

As we mentioned earlier, YoLink's industry-leading long-range communication allows for placing the sensor in any place at risk of high moisture or water due to leaks or flooding, whether it be a basement, separate garage, barn, or even greenhouse.

Some common applications include:

  • Locations at or below grade, subject to water incursion
  • Basement floors
  • Near sump pumps
  • Underwater heaters
  • Under sinks
  • Next to toilets
  • Under or near laundry machines
  • Under dishwashers
  • Under refrigerators & ice machines
  • Under fish tanks/aquariums
  • Under swimming pool pumps and equipment
  • In attic spaces under a leaky roof
  • Inside hot tubs

Industrial Applications:

  • Elevator pits
  • Low points in flooring
  • Electric motor control centers
  • Pump rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Food service areas
  • Eye wash stations
  • Laundry facilities
  • Storage areas



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