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Strengthen Your Company’s Safety Programs & OSHA Compliance with Effective & Budget Friendly YoLink Products

Explore YoLink Products for Safety & Security Solutions.

Enhancing Accident & Incident Prevention and OSHA Compliance Programs

Safety Products for detecting Slips, Trips and Falls Hazards, Walking & Working Surface issues, Blocked Exits & Aisles, Unlocked Exit Doors, & Room occupancy monitoring. 

Security/ Enclosed Area Monitoring Solutions 

Security Cameras, Motion & Proximity Detection, Smart Locks, and more 

Life Safety - Fire Prevention Enhancements 

Enhanced Fire Prevention program for your Lithium-ion Battery charging and storage areas with A Pro Active monitoring program for Effective Early Detection for a Lithium Battery’s Thermal Runaway (TR) potential.

Leak Detection Monitoring

Water Leak and Flood Detection through water sensors, Smart Water Shut-off valve products, and more

Whole Building Device Control

Using YoLink Hub with LoRa* range is ¼ mile (1320 feet), with Smart App active 24/7 monitoring capabilities, email notifications, record retention, easy to use and easy to install. Hub has a unique Control-D2D device-to-device pairing, you create links between one device and up to 128 other devices. Once a pairing relationship is set, the devices will respond accordingly, even if WiFi, internet, or power is out. Numerous Features included in App Control.

Smart Building

With Raedius, you can monitor, manage, and control your smart systems, including multiple buildings and sites, from a single user interface: your web browser on your PC – from anywhere at a time. With Raedius Web Console, facility managers can deploy YoLink smart wireless devices on a scale, schedule, and budget of their choice. 

Unlike traditional building automation and management systems, YoLink devices do not generally require any added wiring, and they avoid steep installation costs, along with the mess, inconvenience, and loss of access to facilities, typical during system retrofits, additions, or upgrades. infrastructure: installation of a YoLink system typically does not require the installation of any special power or communications infrastructure; typically, hubs are connected to existing WiFi and/or Ethernet sources.

This is contrasted against even modern-day wireless competitor systems, which use cellular or older RF technology, which require multiple power supply locations, and boosters or repeaters. While replacing an existing BAS system entirely may not be practical, an added strength of YoLink products is the ability to start small and scale up over time, and add functions in future phases, etc... 

Raedius was designed to allow you to realize the full potential of your YoLink system by supporting any number of devices at any number of locations. Monitor device status, historical activity, and health. Configure automated responses to abnormal events and take advantage of advanced options to notify appropriate personnel and staff, as well as Management.

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