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YoLink Customer Product Reviews


" Great for triggering your Alexa routines without speaking"

Amazon Customer "Kolobok"

July 12, 2022

I hate to always say "Alexa, blah blah... " for mundane repetitive tasks like lights and fans, now I can press a button!

I had a plug in a remote corner of my home that had a competitor's WiFi controlled plug. I would lose connectivity. I can't blame the wifi plug, but had very little options to improve the sub-prime location of my wireless router other than costly investment in MESH or other solutions. So, I repurposed that plug to another location and used this product from YoLink.

Once I set up the LoRa hub (REQUIRED!) and the plug, it works wonderfully. It was easy and quick to set up and when I went to Alexa I was smiling what I found that the YoLink SKILL actually had a positive rating unlike many others.

After this great experience, I've added 4 of their water sensors, an indoor and outdoor thermometer, and got 2 of the FlexFobs. All accessories were similarly easy to set up to connect to the same HUB and very quick to set up and get into my Alexa routines. Literally 20 seconds to set up using the scan QR code in the App. It took longer to open the boxes!

What I have set up (so far)

• YoLink Hub

• 4x Water Leak Detector

• 2x Flex Fob (one wall mounted, one to carry)

• Indoor Thermometer/Humidity

• Outdoor Thermometer/Humidity


• Easy to set up

• Good range (at least better than WiFi)

• Integration with Alexa

• Extra credit for making use of minimal packaging.

• The FlexFob can be used in any Alexa routine not just other YoLink devices (under Smart Home each of the 4 buttons is treated like a motion detector)

• The FlexFob even included a wall mounting bracket, which was a pleasant surprise for me!


• Basically none.

• If I had to complain about something, I guess the mobile app could use some refinement (You need a few clicks to go into settings to change something as a favorite, etc. which maybe could have alternate way, such as a click and hold)

Products Reviewed: FlexFob