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YoLink Products for Preventive Maintenance Solutions

YoLink products have incredible Smart Solutions for Maintenance, Production, and Facility Department’s Preventive Maintenance Programs! 

YoLink Devices are designed for early detection by YoLink sensors, resulting in major repairs being avoided for significant cost saving. 

All credited to YoLink sensors and App’s 24/7 monitoring for early detection, and Proactive Smart Building Features and Proactive Management Capabilities with Raedius Web Consule! 

Maintenance issues like ‘Leaking Water,’ ‘Water Drips, and Over-Flows,’ Which turns into inside Flood; YoLink has leak detection sensors and devices with Value Shut off capabilities, all of which can be monitored & controlled 24/7 from your PC or mobile App. 

‘Overheating motors,’ ‘No Heat, No Hot Water! complaints,’ ‘Electrical devices not turned off after work hours, i.e., Radios, Fans, floor Heaters, even USB powered devices,

Unnecessary High Electric Bills due to Lights or Devices left on.’ Each one can be turned on or off by a YoSmart device with the YoLink app.

Production Equipment’s or Conveyor’s Motor’s Bearing locking up and shutting down productivity. Can be avoided with high Temperature monitoring.

‘Building Doors left partially open, and insects and pests invade the indoor areas,’ Detections by sensor. ‘Sump Pump Status or Tank levels not monitored.’ 

Thermostat setting not reduced during weekend, closed hours, or reset prior to working hours all are missed cost saving opportunity. Devices can be controlled and monitored 24/7 from your PC or Cell Phone App. 

YoLink products address the above maintenance issues, and when issues are discovered with early detection, repair will be a Simple maintenance job, not a Major costly repair with unplanned downtime. 

Whole Building Device Control

Using YoLink Hub with LoRa* range is ¼ mile (1320 feet), with Smart App active 24/7 monitoring capabilities, email notifications, record retention, easy to use and to install. Hub has a unique Control-D2D device-to-device pairing, you create links between one device and up to 128 other devices. Once a pairing relationship is set, the devices will respond accordingly, even if WiFi, internet, or power is out. Numerous Features included in App Control. 

Smart Building

With Raedius, you can monitor, manage, and control your smart systems, including multiple buildings and sites, from a single user interface: your web browser on your PC – from anywhere at a time. With Raedius Web Console, facility managers can deploy YoLink smart wireless devices on a scale, schedule, and budget of their choice. 

Unlike traditional building automation and management systems, YoLink devices do not generally require any added wiring, and they avoid steep installation costs, along with the mess, inconvenience, and loss of access to facilities, typical during system retrofits, additions, or upgrades. infrastructure: installation of a YoLink system typically does not require the installation of any special power or communications infrastructure; typically, hubs are connected to existing WiFi and/or Ethernet sources. 

This is contrasted against even modern-day wireless competitor systems, which use cellular or older RF technology, which require multiple power supply locations, and boosters or repeaters. While replacing an existing BAS system entirely may not be practical, an added strength of YoLink products is the ability to start small and scale up over time, and add functions in future phases, etc... 

Raedius was designed to allow you to realize the full potential of your YoLink system by supporting any number of devices at any number of locations. Monitor device status, historical activity, and health. Configure automated responses to abnormal events and take advantage of advanced options to notify appropriate personnel and staff, as well as Management.

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