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OSHA – Preventing Heat Stress Ambient Air monitoring Compliance

OSHA and Cal/OSHA are focused on Heat stress COMPLIANCE in the workplace. July 2023, OSHA launched a national emphasis program to prevent workplace hazards in warehouses, processing facilities distribution centers, and high-risk retail establishments. Exposure to excessive heat is considered by OSHA a recognized hazard from which the employers must protect employees.

Does your company’s heat Stress prevention & monitoring program INCLUDE active Heat Temperature & Humidity Monitoring & Record retention, or 24/7 email Alerts? 

YoLink Solution does! 

The YoLink Solution enhances a company's established Heat Stress Prevention Program by adding a proactive Heat Monitoring & Alert element for OSHA Compliance. And if you need a written Heat Stress Policy, we can assist.

Temperature Sensor Mounting Areas to considered for Heat Stress Temp monitoring

Actual site should be based on your review of your employee work areas.

• The Ambient Air Temperature reading will be accurate indicator using a single Heat and Humidity sensor unit installed at each area of concern throughout the facility.

• Large Areas could need more than 1 sensor. 

Monitor Condensed / Enclosed areas periodically for adjustments. 

Install One Test Site Sensor at consistently hot locations, or employee’s work location; this should give an accurate sample of the Ambient Air Temperature for mapping.

Suggested Sensor Sites & Areas of Concern to consider monitoring: 

Consider all Work Site areas not Air Conditioned for monitoring. 

Outdoors and Indoors

Working Docks areas

Workstation areas on the Factory or Warehouse floor

Middle of Goods In & Out

Packing Areas


Pick Mod work areas

Sensors can be located on 2nd or 3rd level or at all levels.

Yolink Solutions Initial Startup Package details for a Warehouse / Distribution Centers / Factory .

• YoLink 10 Temperature & Humidity Sensor devices, Choose a Mix, or same model from their two Temperature models, (Indoor or Outdoor model). one YoLink hub YS1603 with 1⁄4 range, download OR for app for Solution. Audio Hub option .

• Add YoLink Cameras for monitoring or any other YoLink devices are available for a quick add on install. Email us for Package Pricing

Factory Technical Support provided.

• Installation is simplified with auto set up on devices using QR scan.

• Factory Training / Installation instructions provided with Videos, Manuals, and Step by Stepinstruction. Technical phone Support provided.

• Additional training Videos for Installation and User training on YoLink Sites and located on YouTube.

YoLink Product Solution for High Ambient Air Temp Monitoring for Heat Stress Compliance is flexible, expandable, portable if desired, and has a large area footprint coverage, Reliable, and budget friendly, complete Startup packages are under $600 Dollars. 

Yolink APP has active 24/7 monitoring and multi- Text / email alert auto notification with Audible capabilities, 2-year history record retention. Excellent installation, Video training, and support documentation. Proactive Smart Building Features and Proactive Management Capabilities available with ‘Raedius Web Console’.

Whole Building Device Control! 

Using our YoLink Hub with LoRa* range is ¼ mile (1320 feet), with Smart App active 24/7 monitoring capabilities, email notifications, record retention, easy to use and to install. Hub has a unique Control-D2D device-to-device pairing, you create links between one device and up to 128 other devices. One Hub can control 300+ devices. Once a pairing relationship is set, the devices will respond accordingly, even if WiFi, internet, or power is out. Numerous Features included in App Control. Add the YoLink Raedius System for your Smart Building experience across multiple solutions and platforms. Raedius was designed to allow you to realize the full potential of your YoLink system by supporting any number of devices at any number of locations. 

Email for more information about Raedius.

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