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YoLink Customer Product Reviews


"It just works!"

Amazon Customer "Jab8778"

September 18, 2022

I tried other automated valve shut-off motors, and they just didn't have the power to do the job. This motorized ball valve replaced my manual 1" ball valve on my sprinkler main line. I am able to schedule the opening and closing for the hours that my system runs, and even turn it on/off remotely if needed. I installed this because I had a stuck sprinkler zone valve that ran the pump all day. Most people will use this valve for indoor plumbing in connection with a water leak/flood sensor. It would be perfect for a rental unit to be able to remotely turn water or gas lines on/off. The system does require a hub, sold separately. The setup is easy using the phone app. No A/C wiring is needed for the valve, it is powered by 4 AA batteries.

Products Reviewed: Motorized Valve & Standard Controller