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YoLink Customer Product Reviews


"Incredible technology!"

M. Henry

May 20, 2021

This had to be and remains for several months now one of the best technology solutions out there. Was so incredible easy to set up. Even prompted me after several days of using it through wifi, that maybe hard-wired Ethernet was a better option. I agreed, and while I had zero issues with wifi (we have great wifi), the technologist designing this system knew that hard-wired is always better and they didn't take any chances. I loved this solution and the devices you could connect so much, I ended up getting a remote temperature device just to set up in our bedroom. That way I could do routines to make sure the bedroom was at our favorite sleeping temperature. Another note, we live in a three story townhouse in the middle of the city with lots of ghz of interference. We have yet to have any issues with YoLink hub on the middle floor and sensors on the first and third. Really incredible technology!