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YoLink Customer Product Reviews


"Reasonably priced quality products with simple setup!"

Amazon Customer

June 26, 2021

Excellent build quality at a reasonable price and very easy to set up. The only criticism I have is about the mounting tape. It works too well as I found out when I removed the finger to slightly adjust its' position and it took the paint off right along with it. Not to worry though. It was on a garage wall. I did however use a double sided clear tape that can be removed easily to mount the other devices. A warning about the extreme grip of the included tape might be in order. All the devices I have purchased have performed flawlessly. 

YoLink first came to my attention when I watched Brian Reid of Automate Your Life review YoLink products, I had been struggling with Smartthings and YoLink is the perfect replacement for my uses. The ease of use and setup allows people with marginal technical skills to begin automating their homes. Home automation will only take off when it becomes as easy as plugging in a new TV set. YoLink has taken a giant stride in that direction. I have contact sensors on outside doors, on a freezer door, motion sensor controlled lights in one room so far and a temperature and humidity monitor mounted in a protected spot on a covered patio. I also use a YoLink Finger to control my garage door. Changes in the state of these devices are announced on an Echo Show 8. I'm sure there will be many more YoLink products added soon.

Another small mention. I noticed in several reviews on Amazon that people reported trouble scanning the QR codes. I had the same problem but discovered that the problem was that the place I was trying to do the scan, directly under a smart bulb set at 80% brightness, was too brightly lit. The problem was likely not the QR code but the camera on my cell phone. Moving to a room with only daylight filtered through a curtain cured the problem. The scan was instantaneous under those lighting conditions.