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I need to replace a 3-way switch with the smart in wall switch, is there a work around?

Yes, there are two solutions for replacing a 3-way switch with a YoLink Dimmer Switch.

Solution 1: Use one YoLink Dimmer Switch as the light control and another YoLink Dimmer Switch as the mutual control device.

Install a YoLink Dimmer Switch as the lamp switch (switch A) to directly control the lamp's on/off function.

Install one or more YoLink Dimmer Switches to connect to the power supply only, then create a pairing relationship with switch A. These switches will act as control devices for switch A. You can find instructions for creating a pairing relationship between YoLink Dimmer Switches on Page 23 of the user guide.

Solution 2: Use a traveler line to connect two YoLink Dimmer together through the Live terminal.

Install a YoLink Dimmer Switch to connect directly to the lamp.

Install one or more YoLink Dimmer Switches to connect the Live terminal through the traveler line. Each YoLink Dimmer Switch needs to be connected to the neutral line.

Before installation, please refer to the installation part the user guide, and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to ensure proper installation and avoid any potential hazards.

Please note the following:

The maximum resistive load of the YoLink Dimmer Switch is 4.5A/110V.

YoLink Switch is a single-bit switch, so if you use it to replace a multi-gang switch, the original multiple switch button control will become a switch button control, and no longer supports single button control by region.

If the multi-gang switch has multiple wiring harnesses connected to the lamp, they need to be connected to one terminal at the same time when replaced by a YoLink Switch. The standard specifications of the wire (the wire that can pass 4.5A current) may not fit into the screw together.

Is it possible to put 2 single YoLink switches in a double switch box?

Yes, it is possible to install two single YoLink switches in a double switch box.

To do this, you need to remove the existing wall plate and check the dimensions of the double switch box to ensure that it can accommodate two single switches. You may need to purchase a new double-wall plate that fits the dimensions of your double switch box and can accommodate two single switches.

 I have no neutral wire, will the dimmer switch work?

The YoLink Dimmer Switch requires a neutral wire for installation.

The YoLink Dimmer Switch is a zero-fire switch that can only be used with both neutral and live inputs. If your wiring setup only includes a hot line and does not have a neutral wire, the YoLink Dimmer Switch will not be compatible.

If you are looking for a switch that does not require a neutral wire, please check out our latest switch product, the FlexSwitch

If I have only two wires connected to my existing in-wall switch, which YoLink In-Wall Switch should I buy?

The Yolink FlexSwitch is an ideal choice for replacing your existing in-wall switch.

The YoLink Dimmer Switch is not working as expected. Is there a workaround?

Please follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue:

Confirm that the dimmer switch has been installed correctly by referring to the installation guide. 

If the installation is accurate, press the power button on the switch and listen for a clicking sound. If there is no sound, it may indicate a problem with the switch.

Once you've checked these steps, please contact YoLink customer support with your findings. They will be able to provide further assistance and potential solutions for your situation.

 Can I control the YoLink In-Wall Switch remotely?

Yes, you can remotely turn the switch on or off using the YoLink app

Does the YoLink Switch have scheduling and timer functions?

Absolutely! The switch has both scheduling and timer functions, which can be set up through the YoLink app.

Can I create smart scenes and automations with the YoLink Dimmer Switch?

Yes, you can set up smart scenes and automations for the Dimmer Switch using the YoLink app.

 Is the YoLink Dimmer Switch compatible with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant?

Yes, the switch works with both Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to use voice commands to control it.

Can I integrate the YoLink Dimmer with IFTTT?

Currently, the YoLink Dimmer Switch does not have direct integration with IFTTT. However, you can still control the switch using YoLink scenes. To do this, create a scene within the YoLink app that includes the dimmer switch, then use IFTTT to execute that specific scene.

If there is a power outage and the power is restored, will the YoLink Dimmer Switch automatically turn back on?

You can customize the power-on behavior in the YoLink app. Go to the Device screen, tap the three dots in the upper right corner to access the Device Details screen, and select "Power on status." From there, you can set the switch to turn back on to its previous state (last state), turn all on, or turn all off.

Can YoLink switches be installed in a three-gang box, and if so, can I use a standard three-switch faceplate?

Yes, YoLink switches are designed to fit into a three-gang box. You can also use a standard three-switch faceplate for a seamless and clean installation.

How can I delete scheduled items in the YoLink app?

To delete a scheduled item in the YoLink app, simply swipe left on the schedule you wish to remove. This action will delete the selected schedule.

 Can I see the remaining time for the timer on the YoLink In-Wall Switch?

 Yes, make sure your YoLink app is up to date. The remaining time for the timer should be displayed on the device screen within the app.

Can you explain the purpose of the neutral wire required for the YoLink Dimmer Light Switch to function?

The neutral wire is an essential component in electrical systems, as it carries the circuit back to the original power source. The YoLink In-Wall Switch requires a neutral wire for proper operation, as it is designed for a live-neutral switch configuration and is not compatible with single live switches.

What is the difference between the schedule and timer functions in the YoLink app?

The timer function in the YoLink app is designed for one-time events, whereas the schedule function is for setting up recurring events. Both of these settings are saved in the device itself, allowing them to function even without an internet connection.

 What does "Gentle On/Gentle Off" mean for the YoLink dimmer switch?

For the YoLink dimmer switch, "Gentle On/Gentle Off" refers to the gradual increase (ramp-up) and decrease (ramp-down) of the light intensity when turning the switch on or off. This feature provides a smooth transition of light levels, enhancing the overall user experience.

What does "Dimming Calibration" mean for the YoLink dimmer switch?

 "Dimming Calibration" for the YoLink dimmer switch refers to the process of adjusting the dimming range to find the optimal minimum brightness level. By increasing or decreasing the brightness and checking for flickering, you can ensure smooth dimming performance and prevent issues with the connected light fixture.

Does the programming work when the internet is down?

If the internet is disconnected, remote control of the YoLink Dimmer Switch through the app will not work. However, schedules and timers saved in the device itself will continue to function. YoLink Control, which allows you to use the YoLink DimmerFob to turn the Dimmer Switch on or off, can also operate without an internet connection.