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Frequently-Asked Questions

I installed the Smoke alarm and set it up as instructed, but the app displays an "abnormal" installation status. What should I do?

Firstly, have you pushed the activate button to activate the detector? If so, try re-connecting the detector and the base, making sure that the metal circle and three probes are properly connected. Then, long-press the test button to perform a self-test. If the detector makes a sound and the notification is sent from the app, it means that the devices are working normally.

However, if the issue still persists, it is possible that the metal circle or the probes may be damaged or malfunctioning. In this case, please contact YoLink Customer Support with your purchase invoice (showing that it was sold by YoSmart) and shipping address to arrange for a replacement unit.

I would like to receive alerts on my phone from my existing smoke alarm system, but there is no trigger or device to do so without replacing the entire system with a smart one. What can I do?

While it is true that there is no direct trigger or device to make your existing smoke alarm system smart, some customers have used YoLink products to achieve this. One option to consider is the YS7707-UC contact sensor, which can be connected to your smoke detector. Please refer to the manual's "Contact Closure Device/Equipment Installation" section for instructions on how to install the contact sensor. This may allow you to receive alerts on your phone when the smoke alarm is triggered, without having to replace the entire system.

How do I install the YoLink smoke detector?

The installation process for the YoLink smoke detector is easy and fast. Simply mount the base to the ceiling or wall surface, then twist in the detector head. More detailed instructions are available in the Quick Start Guide.

What type of batteries does the YoLink smoke detector use?

The YoLink smoke detector uses one CR123A lithium battery (3V DC) for the smoke/CO sensor head, and two AA batteries (3V DC) for the base.

How long do the batteries last in the YoLink smoke detector?

The YoLink smart communication base for these smoke detectors needs 2 AA batteries, while the smoke detectors themselves come with a permanent 10-year battery.

Can the smoke detector detect cigarette smoke?

No it cannot; the smoke produced by smoking does not reach a high enough concentration to activate the smoke detection mechanism.

Can I check the YoLink smoke detector remotely?

Yes, you can use the YoLink app to monitor the critical life safety detector status of the YoLink smoke detector in real-time, from anywhere and at any time.

How do I schedule regular automatic detector self-tests?

You can use the YoLink app to schedule regular automatic detector self-tests for the YoLink smoke detector or receive reminders to test the detector manually.

Does the YoLink smoke detector have a low-battery alert?

Yes, the YoLink smoke detector has a low-battery alert that gives you advanced warning that it is almost time to replace the batteries.

What certification does the YoLink smoke detector have?

The YoLink smoke detector is UL (UL217/UL2034) Listed.

Can I create custom automations with the YoLink smoke detector?

Yes, you can create custom automation using the YoLink app to trigger responses from other YoLink devices, such as the Siren Alarm.

Is the YoLink smoke detector suitable for indoor use only?

A:Yes, the YoLink smoke detector is intended for indoor use only.

Yes, the YoLink smoke detector is intended for indoor use only.