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Water Depth Sensor


Product Support


Frequently-Asked Questions

What are the measurement units supported by the water depth sensor?  Can it be changed into other units?

Yes, options include feet (ft), meters (m), and centimeters (cm).

What is the accuracy level of this sensor?

The accuracy of the water depth sensor is 1% plus and minus 20mm.

Is a hub required when using the water depth sensor? 

Yes, you will need a hub to get this connected to the internet and to the cloud.

Is this safe to use in potable water?


Can the cable be extended?

No, the cable length is fixed but we have 2 variations for this sensor. We have one with a 16-ft cable and another with a 32-ft cable.

Is the cable of this sensor detachable?


Can the water depth sensor be set to gallons?

The water depth sensor is designed specifically to measure the depth of water, rather than its volume. While the sensor provides accurate depth readings, it does not have the capability to calculate the volume of water.