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Smart Outdoor Plug


Product Support



The YoLink Outdoor Plug is not working as expected. Is there a workaround?

Please press the power button on the Outdoor Plug and listen for a clicking sound. If there is no sound, it may indicate a problem with the Outdoor Plug Please contact YoLink customer support with your findings. They will be able to provide further assistance and potential solutions for your situation. Please kindly note that the inductive load greater than 3amps can not be plugged into the Outdoor Plug. The Outdoor Plug only supports 3 amps inductive load and 15 amps resistive load.

Does the Yolink Outdoor Plug (YS6802) with 2 output sockets supply 15A per socket, or is it restricted to a total of 15A for both sockets?

Please note that the 15A limit applies to the combined usage of both sockets, not per individual socket.

Is there an electrical limit on the YoLink Outdoor Plug?

Yes, the YoLink Outdoor Plug has specific electrical limits for safe operation:

Input: 15A 125V AC, 50/60Hz

Output: 15A Max (Resistive), 3A Max(inductive), 125V Max 1875W

It's essential to adhere to these limits to ensure proper functioning and avoid potential safety hazards. The outdoor plug features a protective circuit (fuse) that helps safeguard the device. However, if the current becomes too large, the fuse will blow, causing the device to malfunction. To restore normal operation, you will need to replace the blown fuse.

Can the YoLink Outdoor Plug work with other brand smart devices?

 The YoLink Outdoor Plug offers remote control through the YoLink app, timer and scheduling functions, and the ability to create smart scenes and automation between the Outdoor Plug and YoLink sensors. It is also compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

If other brand smart devices support Alexa, Google, or IFTTT, you can create routines or applets to control the YoLink Outdoor Plug in conjunction with those devices. This allows for seamless integration and expanded smart home functionality.

Why does the YoLink Outdoor Plug keep disconnect frequently?

There are two possible reasons:

Incomplete device status loading due to poor mobile phone network connectivity. Ensure that your mobile phone has a strong and stable network connection for optimal performance.

Insufficient interval time between device operations. If the device is operated too quickly or repeatedly, it may not fully respond, leading to connectivity issues. Ensure that the interval time between operations is more than 6 seconds to avoid this problem.

Can I control the YoLink Outdoor Plug remotely?

Yes, the YoLink Outdoor Plug can be controlled remotely using the YoLink smartphone app, allowing you to turn the connected devices on and off from anywhere.

Does the YoLink Outdoor Plug have scheduling and timer functions?

Yes, the Outdoor Plug has both scheduling and timer functions, which can be set up through the YoLink app.

Can I create smart scenes and automations with the YoLink Outdoor Plug?

Yes, you can set up smart scenes and automations for the Outdoor Plug using the YoLink app.

Is the YoLink Outdoor Plug compatible with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant?

Yes, the Outdoor Plug works with both Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to use voice commands to control it.

Can I integrate the YoLink Outdoor Plug with IFTTT?

Yes, the Outdoor Plug works with IFTTT, enabling you to create custom applets for turning the plug on or off.

 What is the maximum number of Controllers I can pair with a YoLink Outdoor Plug?

With YoLink Control, there is no strict limit to the number of Controllers you can pair with Outdoor Plug. However, for optimal performance, we recommend linking up to 128 devices.

 If there is a power outage and the power is restored, will the YoLink Outdoor Plug automatically turn back on?

You can customize the power-on behavior in the YoLink app. Go to the Device screen, tap the three dots in the upper right corner to access the Device Details screen, and select "Power on status." From there, you can set the Outdoor Plug to turn back on to its previous state (last state), turn all on, or turn all off.

How can I delete scheduled items in the YoLink app?

To delete a scheduled item in the YoLink app, simply swipe left on the schedule you wish to remove. This action will delete the selected schedule.

Can I see the remaining time for the timer on the YoLink Outdoor Plug?

Yes, make sure your YoLink app is up to date. The remaining time for the timer should be displayed on the device screen within the app.

I want to use YoLink outdoor plug to run a pump, will it work?

The YoLink Outdoor Plug (YS6802) is designed to handle different load types. For inductive (reactive) loads, the maximum current is 3 amps, while for resistive loads, the maximum current is 15 amps. Pumps are typically inductive loads. To determine if the YoLink Outdoor Plug is suitable for your pump, you need to know the pump's power rating and starting current. If the starting current is too high, you may need to use a smart relay or an outdoor plug in combination with an additional "dumb" relay to safely control your pump. Please ensure that the pump's specifications are within the limits of the YoLink Outdoor Plug before using it.

Can I submerge the YoLink Outdoor Plug in water?

No, the YoLink Outdoor Plug has an IP44 rating, which means it is only resistant to water splashes from any direction. It should not be submerged in water or exposed to high-pressure water jets.

Will the YoLink Outdoor Plug stop functioning during colder temperatures?

The YoLink Outdoor Plug is designed to operate in a range of temperatures. It should continue to function in colder temperatures as long as they do not drop below -30°F (-34°C). Please ensure that you follow the manufacturer's guidelines for proper installation and usage during extreme weather conditions.

Does the programming work when the internet is down?

If the internet is disconnected, remote control of the YoLink Outdoor Plug through the app will not work. However, schedules and timers saved in the device itself will continue to function. YoLink Control, which allows you to use the YoLink Remote to turn the Outdoor Plug on or off, can also operate without an internet connection.

I could not find an action or connection for the Outdoor Plug on IFTTT. Is there a workaround?

The YoLink Outdoor Plug works with IFTTT as a triggered device. When you are setting up an IFTTT applet, you can find the YoLink Outdoor Plug under the "Then" section. Look for the "Turn on/off outlet" action, where you should be able to find and select your YoLink Outdoor Plug.