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What is a YoLink Fob?

The YoLink Fob is a small wireless device that can be used as a remote control for your YoLink smart home devices.

What does the YoLink Fob do?

The YoLink Fob can be used to control various YoLink smart home devices, including smart plugs, smart lights, smart locks, and more. It can be used to turn devices on or off, dim lights, and lock or unlock doors.

How does the YoLink Fob work?

YoLink Fob uses a wireless signal to communicate with your YoLink hu, which then sends commands to your smart home devices. You can program the Fob to control specific devices or groups of devices using the YoLink app.

How do I set up YoLink Fob?

To set up YoLink Fob, you will need to have a YoLink hub already set up in your home. Then, you can add the Fob to your YoLink account using the YoLink app.

Can YoLink Fob be used outside of the home?

YoLink Fob is designed for use within your home and has a limited range. (1/4 mile from Hub, or 1/4 mile from devices if set up YoLink Control) It may not work reliably outside of your home.

How long does the YoLink Fob's battery last?

YoLink Fob's battery life depends on usage, but it typically lasts for 5 years before needing to be replaced. (Updated Version)

Can I use the YoLink Fob with other smart home systems?

While YoLink Fob is designed to work specifically with the YoLink smart home system, it can be integrated with other compatible devices and services, such as Alexa and IFTTT. (FlexFob only)

Can I share access of the YoLink Fob with other people?

Yes, you can share access to YoLink Fob with other users by giving them access to your YoLink account. You can set up the permissions in the YoLink App.

Can my YoLink keyfob link to Alexa?

Yes, if you have the YoLink FlexFob, it can work with Alexa. However, the YoLink AlarmFob is not compatible with Alexa. As Alexa does not have a specific category for fobs, YoLink has categorized the YoLink FlexFob under "motion sensors" in Alexa. When you short-press button 1 on the fob, Alexa will recognize it as detecting motion. You can then set up a routine in the Alexa app, such as "when fob_button 1 detects motion, turn on the lights."

I have several YoLink devices to set up a smart home and want to use the door sensors and a speaker hub as an alarm system. Is it possible to add a keypad to arm and disarm the alarm?

Yes, you can add a keypad to arm and disarm the alarm system with the following steps:

1. Open the YoLink app and go to Menu (three bars in upper left corner) -> Settings -> Alarm Strategies -> Find the strategy that is related to your sensors (assuming it's the Default strategy) -> Set the notification (app, email, SMS) to admin or all and trigger the speaker hub.

2. Go to the Smart section in the YoLink app and set up two scenes: one for the disarmed state and one for the armed state.

Disarmed scene: Add behavior -> Add alarm strategy -> Choose the strategy related to your sensors -> Advanced settings -> Set the notification to none and trigger none -> Save (If you still want to receive a notification when disarmed, you should set notification to all and trigger none).

Armed scene: Add behavior -> Add alarm strategy -> Choose the strategy related to your sensors -> Advanced settings -> Set the notification to all and trigger the speaker hub -> Save.

Once you have set up these scenes, you can execute the armed or disarmed scene from the Favorites screen in the YoLink app. If you have the YoLink FlexFob or AlarmFob, you can also add scenes to the buttons on the fob by going to the fob screen -> Edit Fob -> Add scenes to buttons. This will allow you to push a button on the fob to arm or disarm the scene.

I prefer the look of the YoLink AlarmFob, but I want to be able to use it with Alexa like the YoLink FlexFob. Is it possible to upgrade the software on the AlarmFob to FlexFob to support Alexa?

Normally, YoLink does not support upgrading the software on the AlarmFob to FlexFob to support Alexa. However, you can contact YoLink customer support and provide them with the device EUI to request a change. The YoLink engineering team may be able to update the device to FlexFob to support Alexa.